11.2 Demonstration

An example project used to demonstrate Redmine

  • Introducing a project management system for an R&D site – can be a faculty of a University – with 20 associates and 3-4 parallel projects

    • High-level plan in Redmine


  1. Plan - Define

    1. Usage requirements

      1. System available 24/7

      2. Access from local and remote computers available

        1. Web based UI

      3. Logging all activity

      4. Gantt chart for printing

      5. Logging time on a project, later on a ticket basis

        1. Mandatory time log at the end of the week by all employees

        2. Granularity: log a minimum of 4 hours / issue of a project

      6. Role & permission handling

        1. Project auditor / head of department

          1. Read-only mode for all projects

          2. Monitors all projects on a weekly basis

        2. Project manager

          1. Read and write for own projects

          2. Manages projects, creates and assigns tasks, evaluate process

          3. Creates time log on a ticket basis

        3. Project executors

          1. Limited read and write access for own projects, full access to own tickets

          2. Execute assigned tasks, create more granular task list in a hierarchical format, if needed

          3. Creates time log on a ticket basis

    2. Success criteria

      1. Web based, multi-user system set up

      2. All users use the system on a daily basis

      3. All projects of the department are available in the system

      4. Granular task list with start and finish dates available

      5. System is up-to-date, shows real-time process

      6. All employees logs a minimum of 7 hours per day for the current week till the following Tuesday evening

    3. Technical tasks on installing and modifying the system

      1. Create a secure server environment

      2. Use encryption

      3. Set up support and maintenance roles and responsibilities

  2. Provide a task list for integration to to-be-used processes

    1. Define type of tickets and workflow

      1. Type of tickets : workflow

        1. Prototyping: New > Accepted > In Progress > Testing > Done

        2. Development: New > Analysis Done > Implementing > A Testing > Integrating > B Testing > Done

        3. Testing: Test ready > Define Test cases > Implement auto test cases > Implement regression test > Execute manual & Auto test cases > Evaluate > Back to development (Convert to Development ticket) | Done

    2. Add users & permissions, according to the above

      1. User Audit, pw. 123

      2. User PM, pw. 456

      3. User User1, pw 789

    3. Add a sample project for the department

  3. Execute task list

  4. (Constantly) measure if success criteria are met,

    1. Evaluate

    2. Report