12.1.2 PMBOK

Overview on how to conduct and manage the five main project processes

  1. Initiating: define, authorize, commit to
  2. Planning: shape the goals, identify the plan and resources
  3. Executing: deliver, coordinate, manage resources
  4. Controlling and monitoring: assess, compare, meet the objectives
  5. Closing: formal acceptance, bringing orderly end


Definition of the three main categories and nine knowledge areas

  • Core areas – foundations influencing main project constrains
    • Scope management – define all tasks, have full coverage, eliminate waste
    • Time management – plan and get the project done in time
    • Cost management – estimate, budget, control, comply with changes for costs
    • Quality management – determine objectives, responsibilities, policies, focus on process improvement
  • Facilitating areas– supportive to success
    • Communication management – collect, distribute, store information
    • Human resource management – pick & choose, train, motivate the main assets of a project: employees
    • Risk management – plan, identify, analyse risks, increase reactivity and chance for positive outcomes
    • Procurement management – acquire products and services in a beneficial manner
  • Coordination area control, monitor
    • Integration Management consolidate all activities, make trade-offs to achieve priority goals