1.4 Project planning

Methodologies apply common techniques and tools in this phase, e.g. dividing the project into small and manageable parts, i.e. increments. One good example for this is the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS):

  • decomposition driven by the unique result (i.e. scope, expected outcome)
  • deliverable oriented hierarchy (report, document, working software, hardware, equipment, i.e. tangible result)
  • usually it has 3 levels, with an intuitive coding scheme (e.g. 1.1.2)
  • leaf nodes of the hierarchy are the work packages (important parts of the unique result, scope)
  • WBS is not and does not deal with: low level tasks, planning, schedule
  • BSc degree example: the WBS is (strictly) defined by the syllabus for the degree
    • first level: the degree itself
    • second level: semesters (i.e. 6 semester in Hungary)
    • third level: courses in semesters
  • Data analysis application (1st level)
    • Modeling subsystem (2nd level): how to model data to be analysed
      • General data modelling (3rd level)
      • Domain specific data modelin (3rd level)
    • Computing subsystem: data analysis performed in this subsystemVisualization subsystemetc…
      • Correlation module
      • Statistical module