2.5 Tool demo example

Creating a Prince2 project template in Redmine:

  • Administration/Projects/New project
  • Name: Prince2 Project
  • Create Prince2 specific Tracker types:
    • Process
    • Stage
  • Create the Redmine Issue hierarchy in the following way
    • here, a custom Redmine issue query is shown with the sort order of: parent, due date

Figure 2.5: PRINCE2 tool demo example


  • Afterwards, this project template can be copied in Administration/Projects
    • repeating elements (delivery stages, work packages i.e. managing product delivery) can be also copied as required if we click on a Stage there will be a copy link



Non-interactive  animation 1. - PRINCE2 - Redmine - Sample project (←click here)

Non-interactive  animation 2. - PRINCE2 - Redmine - Custom query (←click here)