3.5 PMBOK Integration Management

Figure 3.6: Integration Management


  • Integration management - consolidation of all activities needed to complete the project. Making choices on where to concentrate work efforts and resources. Making tradeoffs to strengthen more important quadruple constraints. Integrating processes of various Project Management Process Groups.

    Main Assets are all of the above listed assets; the most important one is the Project Management Plan

    • Activities:

      • Develop Project Charter – authorizes the management group. Statement-of-work based on the business needs. Confirms the initiation of the project. Includes high level requirements and acceptance criteria with resource needs and main milestone dates. Signed by the senior management of the (project) organization.

      • Develop Project Management Plan – a guide on the project, built iteratively; project management methodology is to be chosen (PMBOK does not prefer any)

      • Direct and Manage Project Execution – to provide deliveries

      • Monitor and Control Project Work – overseeing the work progress to ensure that it is and its results are aligned with the plan

      • Perform Integrated Change Control – evaluate and manage changes

      • Close Project or Phase – proper closing aligned to the plan, evaluation, formal acceptance, summary on lessons learned