4.8 Questionnaire


Agile focuses on...

Individuals and interactions

Management and processes

The product and its technology

Strict process enforcement


Agile backlog consists of...

Requirements documentation

User stories

All done requirements

Vision of the team on the product


Who maintains the agile backlog?

Project team

Product Owner

Project Manager


What is the setup of an Agile team?

Different roles & responsibilities agreed ahead of the projects

People with the same skillset and knowledge

Project manager, development lead, QA lead, developers, QA – test engineers


How long is a typical sprint?

1-5 days

1-3 months

2-4 weeks

To be defined at the start of the project


What needs to happen to kick-off a sprint?

Define requirements

Have a kick-off meeting

Conduct a grooming and planning meeting and make a team commitment

A sprint starts automatically when a previous finishes


A Product Owner is...

A developer

Responsible for the delivery

Creates and checks requirements

Ensuring processes


Pigs and chickens analogy...

Chickens are involved, pigs are committed

Chickens are committed, pigs are involved

Chickens are responsibles, pigs are committed

Chickens are accountable, pigs are responsible



Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed

Reliable, Accountable, Consulted, Informed

Restricted, Agile, Consulted, Informed

Responsible, Alarmed, Consulted, Informed


Following is not used in Agile

Grooming meeting

Planning meeting

Review meeting

Evaluation meeting