Project management tools advanced. One project management software tool is demonstrated in more detail here. Different project management methodologies are demonstrated with meaningful examples here.

This section details a professional project management tool, Redmine – suitable to be tailored for your own organizational needs. The system is flexible, capable to handle in-production fine-tuning to continuously enhance delivery and collaboration even in a constantly growing and changing environment.

No matter how many and how complex the projects are, what methodologies are used, Redmine is integrating all project parties for an efficient collaboration and communication

Ease of customization helps to utilize the system in multiple industries with clients from the governmental or business sector – any kind and piece of information can be stored, managed and tracked with the thorough customization possibilities of the system.

Redmine have a pure and well functioning interface and great feature set to use – ramp-up time of users is low, functionality can be extended by third party modules; e.g. DMSF – a document management plugin for the project management system with the ability to manage (store, tag, search) documents for various projects, taking into account permission settings of users.

Before introducing the project management system, conduct the following activities:

  1. Plan - Define

    1. Usage requirements

    2. Success criteria

    3. Technical tasks on installing and modifying the system

  2. Provide a task list for integration on the to-be-used processes

  3. Execute task list

  4. (Constantly) measure if success criteria are met