GCC ARM Improvement Project

Department of Software Engineering, University of Szeged

This site is dedicated to GCC's ARM Core Families target port. The purpose is to collect and maintain references to official GCC pages in connection with the ARM port. It is the place where results of some enthusiastic people at the University of Szeged determined to improve the ARM target port are collected. Group members are (in alphabetical list): Árpád Beszédes, Rudolf Ferenc, Tamás Gergely, Tibor Gyimóthy, Ferenc Havasi, Ákos Kiss, Gábor Lóki, László Vidács.

Your contribution is also welcome in form of follow-ups, new problem reports and/or patches using GCC's standard platforms (see "GCC Bugzilla" and "Contributing"). You may also improve the downloadable documents by contacting the author and giving your comments.

You can find the following information on these pages:

  • Results by the group including Problem Reports, patches and mail activity
  • Documentation related to the ARM port and the quality of the generated code
  • Related collection of code pessimization problems present in the actual GCC version and Bugzilla entries related to ARM
  • Other activity in connection with GCC but not directly related to GCC ARM port
  • Links related to our works and interests.

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