Official Language
The official language of the Conference is English. No simultaneous translation will be available.

Visitors from European countries (except Albania, Belarus, Bosnia, Moldova, Russia and Turkey) are not required visas. Participants from a few overseas countries will need a visa to enter (please check beforehand).

Currency, Credit Cards, Exchange
The unit of currency is the Hungarian Forint (HUF), denoted as "Ft" within the country. International credit cards (AmEx, EC/MC, Visa) are accepted at most hotels, restaurants and shops. ATMs are available at the Airport and all over the city of Budapest and Szeged. Cash exchange can be done in any hotel, bank or small exchange booths.

Organisers of the conference do not provide insurance and do not take responsibility for any loss, accident or illness that might occur during the participants' stay in Hungary. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the participants to check their coverage with their insurance provider or arrange for the sufficient travel insurance.

Mobile network is available all around the country, and most international serice providers have their Hungarian counterparts, so making phone calls from mobile devices should not cause any problem.
Most public telephones are on a digital network and can be found all around Budapest and Szeged. Large percentage of the telephones work with phone-cards, but pay phones can also be found. Phone-cards can be purchased at hotels, post offices, petrol and railway stations, and news stands. Pay phones take 10, 20, 50 and 100 forint coins.

Ambulance, Police and the Fire Department can be called free of charge.
Emergency (combined police, ambulance, fire) 112
Ambulance 104
Police 107
Fire Dept. 105

The electricity supply in Hungary is 220 V AC (50 Hz).

The climate of the country is temperate continental.
Coldest month: January
Hottest month: July
The number of sunny hours per year: 2038.
For daily details, please check: