IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance, Budapest, Sept 25-30, 2005

Visa Information

Please check your country on the website of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for detailed information on visa requirements.

Travel Information

Should you arrive in Budapest by air, you will land at the Ferihegy International Airport (28 kms from the city). You have two possibilities to get to the hotel from the airport:
  1. The Airport Administration operates a Minibus service which takes you to the hotel. Please purchase tickets at the Airport Passenger Service desk, in the baggage reclaim area or in the Arrivals Hall.
  2. By taxi: 45 minutes (since taxi prices are not fixed in Hungary you should preferably take FõTaxi, CityTaxi or BudaTaxi).
If you arrive by train, you will most likely arrive at the Eastern or Southern Railway Station (Keleti Pályaudvar, Déli Pályaudvar). The best way is to take a taxi (preferably FõTaxi, CityTaxi or BudaTaxi).
If you arrive by car from the western motorways (M1 or M7), at the end of the motorway stay always on the rightmost lane. You will reach the junction Petõfi híd - Erzsébet híd, there choose direction Erzsébet híd. (Híd in Hungarian means bridge). After another 1 km you arrive at the junction with exits to Centrum, Miskolc, M3 - Margit híd. From here take the direction Margit híd (3 or 4 kms). When the highway splits between Margit híd and Árpád híd, continue to Árpád híd. After another 2 kms this will lead you to the Árpád bridge, which leads to the northern edge of Margaret Island (on the bridge follow the sign Margitsziget). Note, that the only way to enter Margaret Island by car is from the northern side, the southern access being prohibited for private vehicles.
Last modified: 2005-08-24