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8th Conference of the

Hungarian Association for Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

January 25-28, 2011
Szeged, Hungary

Attila Kuba Prize

The Attila Kuba Prize will be awarded to a young scientist (co-)authoring the best paper to be selected by the Attila Kuba Prize Committee among the KÉPAF contributions. The members of the ad hoc Prize Committee are elected by the KÉPAF Steering Committee.

A candidate must have no PhD degree by the time of decision. Other conditions may also apply, therefore KÉPAF authors are kindly asked to consult the Prize Rules (in Hungarian), check their eligibility for the Prize and indicate their participation when submitting a contribution.

Winners of the Attila Kuba Prize

In 2011 the Attila Kuba Prize was awarded to:

Csaba Domokos

from the University of Szeged for the paper Domokos Csaba, Kató Zoltán: "Affin Puzzle: Deformált objektumdarabok helyreállítása megfeleltetések nélkül"

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Former winners of the Attila Kuba Prize were:

  • 2009: Tamás Blaskovics from the University of Szeged with the paper: Blaskovics Tamás, Kató Zoltán és Ian Jermyn, "Kör alakú objektumok szegmentálása Markov mező segítségével"
  • 2007: Sándor Fazekas from the Computer and Automation Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences with the paper: Sándor Fazekas, Dmitry Chetverikov: "A non-regular optical flow for dynamic textures"
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