Symbian GCC Improvement Project

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GCC Versions

GCC 2.9-psion-98r2 (Symbian build 4/546)
[Source 34M] [Incremental patch 3.8K]

GCC 2.9-psion-98r2 (Symbian build 3/546)
[Binary 7.7M] [Source 34M]

GCC 2.95.3-psion-98r2 (Symbian build 13/546)
[Source 34M] [Incremental patch 3.1K]

GCC 2.95.3-psion-98r2 (Symbian build 12/546)
[Binary 8.4M] [Source 34M] [Incremental patch 2.4K]

GCC 3.0-psion-98r2 (Symbian build 9/546)
[Source 36M] [Incremental patch 4.5K]

GCC 3.0-psion-98r2 (Symbian build 8/546)
[Binary 6.5M] [Source 36M] [Incremental patch 2.4K]

Old Versions


  • Build GCC 3.0-psion-98r2 under Linux (for GnuPoc) [Patch 1.9K] (by Jake Hamby <jhamby at anobject dot com>)
  • Modify thumb-epoc-pe-gcc front-end in GCC 3.0-psion-98r2 to run arm-epoc-pe-gcc instead of gcc [Patch 678] (by Jake Hamby <jhamby at anobject dot com>)
  • Fix preprocessor warning in Symbian multimedia include files [Patch 2.6K] (by Jake Hamby <jhamby at anobject dot com>)

Installation of Precompiled Packages

  1. Backup the epoc32/gcc directory of your Symbian SDK installation! (Usually, it can be found under the directory C:\Symbian\6.1\Shared .)
  2. Unpack the archive you downloaded and copy its contents on top of your existing installation.
  3. Use your SDK as before.

List of Supported SDKs

The new GCC versions are known to work with the following SDKs. (If you succesfully used them with an SDK not listed below, please give us feedback!)

  • Series 60 SDK 1.2 for Symbian OS, Nokia Edition
  • Series 60 SDK 2.0 for Symbian OS supporting Metrowerks CodeWarrior for Symbian OS
  • UIQ SDK 2.1 for Symbian OS v7.0
  • Nokia NGage SDK 2.0 and 2.5
  • Series 60 SDK 2.0 and 2.1 (Symbian OS 7.0s)
  • Series 60 2nd Edition Feature Pack 2 (Symbian OS 8.0a) and 3 (Symbian OS 8.1a)

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