Getting started...
You are new to XEEMU and want to get started as quickly as possible? Then just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Download the latest source code. If you run 32-bit Linux, you can also download and unpack the binary and proceed with step 5.
  2. Unpack the file:
    tar xzvf filename
  3. Next, enter the source directory:
    cd directory
  4. If your gcc 3.x is configured correctly, XEEMU will easily compile by simply typing:
  5. Add the XEEMU directory to your PATH variable. If you use the sh-shell you can do this with the following command:
    If you use a different shell, please refer to the respective documentation to set the PATH variable correctly.
  6. Now download the jpeg transformation example
  7. Unpack the example:
    tar xzvf filename
  8. Enter the directory to which you unpacked the example:
    cd example-directory
  9. To run the example type:
  10. Now XEEMU runs the example program and converts the input image to a black and white version. The run-script will also output the number of simulated instructions, the simulated runtime and the simulated energy consumption. Just give it a few seconds... As a result of the program run you will find a B/W version of the input image in the example order along with the output of the simulator in the file sim.
    Refer to the script to see how to invoke the simulator.

To test your own software, you need a compiler for the arm-elf target (we suggest using the gcc cross compiler). Have fun!