Provisional Programme Summer School in Image Processing with Applications in Medicine and Robotics Szeged, Hungary 4 - 15 July 1994

Each morning will comprise lectures from 9:00 until about 12:00. An outline of the lecture topics is given below. However, this is fairly flexible and may change, for example on request from students. There will be a small examination on the final Thursday in the form of a Multiple Choice Questionaire. The most important part of the Summer School will be the project work. Students will e expected to work on their projects in the afternoons, for example from about 15:00 to 18:30. The projects will be presented on the final Thurday, and a small prize will be given for the best project.


Day 1 (Monday, 4 July):
  • 10:00 Introduction and Welcome (A.T-P and A.K.)
  • 10:30 What is available, and how to use it, MS-DOS and UNIX enviroments (Gyula Horvath et al, Szeged)
  • 15:00 Familiarization with systems, writing simple programs, use of e-mail etc.
    Day 2 (Tuesday, 5 July):
  • 9:00 Mathematical revision: Fourier transform, variance, matrices, inversion etc-> Numerical Recipes (A.K. et al)
  • 10:00 Project presentations and selection (A.T-P)
  • 11:30 Programming revision: GNU, OOP revision(I) (t.b.a)
  • 15:00 Start of project-design
    Day 3 (Wednesday, 6 July):
  • 9:00 Programming revision (Pickit, PIP etc): (II) (Laszlo Ny. and A.T-P)
  • 10:00 Sampling. Acquisition in Radiology (A.T-P)
  • 11:30 Basic image processing- Enhancement and restoration (A.K.)
    Day 4 (Thursday, 7 July):
  • 9:00 Basic NMR (J. Stepisnik, SLO)
  • 10:00 3D image processing I. (O. Monga, F)
  • 11:30 Reconstruction from projections, tomography (A.T-P)
    Day 5 (Friday, 8 July):
  • 9:00 Magnetic resonance imaging principles (J. Stepisnik, SLO)
  • 10:00 3D image processing II. (O. Monga, F)
  • 11:30 Ultrasound data acquisition and processing (A.T-P)

    Days 6 and 7 are free

    Day 8 (Monday, 11 July):
  • 9:00 Image registration (A.T-P)
  • 10:00 3D image presentation I. (J. Udupa, USA)
  • 11:30 Factor analysis of image sequences I.(M. Samal, CZ)
    Day 9 (Tuesday, 12 July):
  • 9:00 Robotics and computer vision (O. Monga, F)
  • 10:00 3D image presentation II.(J. Udupa, USA)
  • 11:30 Factor analysis of image sequences II.(M. Samal, CZ)
    Day 10 (Wednesday, 13 July):
  • 9:00 Functional imaging in nuclear medicine (M. Surma, PL)
  • 10:00 Concepts about PACS/IMACS (A. Pereira, P)
  • 11:30 File formats for data exchange (A.T-P and A.K)
    Day 11 (Thursday, 14 July):
  • 9:00 Telemetics and Medical imaging (A. Pereira, P)
  • 10:00 Advanced topics (t.b.a.)
  • 12:00 MCQ exam.
  • 16:00 Presentation and demonstration of Summer School projects
    Day 12 (Friday, 15 July):
  • 9:00 Evaluation of course, students, and lectures, Avard of project prize
  • 11:00 End of Summer School
      A.T-P Andrew Todd-Pokropek
        A.K. Attila Kuba
          t.b.a. To be announced