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The projects description is here

The projects presentations are here

TEAM A: Project 1 -  "Label the group photo"
                               2nd Prize (ex aequo)
TEAM B: Project 6 - "Barley seeds classification"
Test images: 1, 2 ,3 , 4
    Kornel Toth
    Mircea M. Focsa
    Krisztian K. Olle
    Ramona R. Ciulpan
    George G. Tepes-Nica
    Iman I. Saudy
    Norbert N. Kiss
    Umut U. Ogur
TEAM C: Project 8 -  "Raster to vector conversion"
TEAM D: Project 11 -  "Motion tracking and correction"
  2nd Prize (ex aequo)
    Arpad A. Szoverdfi-Szep
    Ioana I. Ciobanu
    Pawel P. Kulinski
    Janos J. Farkas
    Laura L. Gui
    Peter P. Horvath
    Peter P. Kovacs
    Calin Garboni
TEAM E: Project 12 -  "2D edge detection using cost
TEAM F: Project 14 -  "Segmentation using texture"
    Akgun A. Ozkok-Ataser
    Jozsef J. Kovacs
    Ovidiu O. Ciobanu
    Ovidiu O. Dancea
    Tomaz T. Vrtovec
    Blaz B. Luin
    Dumitru D. Sipos
    Kornel K. Kovacs
    Zoltan Z. Kiss

TEAM G: Project 15 -  "Traffic sign identification"
                                 Winner of the 1st Prize!
TEAM H: Project 18 -  "Automatic poker player"
Test images
    Lajos Rodek
    Marcin M. Rogucki
    Mircea M. Nanu
    Selman S. Kulac
    Zsolt Z. Husz

   Gergely G. Nyiri
    Laura L. Kovacs
    Lilla L. Bara
    Piotr P. Czekanski

The following books can be borrowed from the organizers for a limited time (max. 24 hours):

B. Jahne;    Digital Image Processing,    Springer Verlag, 1995
C. A. Lindley;    Photographic Imaging Techniques in C++,    John Wiley & Sons, 1995
J.R. Parker;    Algorithms for Image Processing and Computer Vision    Wiley Computer , 1997
R. Klette P. Zamperoni;    Handbook of Image Processing Operators,    John Wiley & Sons, 1996

To borrow a book you should address to Daniela Zaharie (room 047, e-mail:

Some links which you could find useful:  
Online Computer Vision
Online book on Digital Image Processing