Research Associate

Currently I am working as a Research associate in Department of Image Processing and Computer Graphics at University of Szeged, Hungary. I am working under the suprvision of Dr. Zoltan Kato on the collaborative mobile computer vision project. The main motive of my research work is to develop a synthetic view (image morphing technique ) algorithm from the data obtained by multiple mobile camera in different conditions.

Past: University of Manchester

I had completed my Masters from University of Manchester (2011-12), in Advance Computer Science (Specialization in AI), where I had the good fortune of being advised by Dr Martin J. Turner for my M.Sc. project : "Image Painting in Fourier Space:(Creating novel semi-autonomous periodic noise removal algorithms)" The project is based on automatic periodic noise elimination in Fourier domain. A noise elimination GUI tool (based on ensemble machine learning approach) has been developed based on the problem domain provided by Diamond Light source UK and Manchester X-ray imaging.


Computer Vision,Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence,Robotics


Rai, A.;Kumar, S.; Agarwal, A.; Bachani, N., "Vision based human interaction system for disabled," Image Processing Theory Tools and Applications (IPTA) IEEE, 2010

Atul Rai; M.Sc.Thesis ;Image Painting in Fourier Space; School of Computer science; University of Manchester UK. 2012.

Atul Rai, An Empirical Study of Periodic noise filtering in Fourier domain: An introduction to novel autonomous periodic noise removal algorithms, LAMBERT Academic Publishing , 2013