Semi-Automatic Test Case Generation from Business Process Models

Tibor Bakota, Árpád Beszédes, Tamás Gergely, Milán Gyalai, Tibor Gyimóthy and Dániel Füleki
In this work, we describe our method for designing test cases based on high level functional specifications - business process models.
Category Partition Method (CPM) is used to automatically create test frames based on possible paths, which are determined by business rules. The test frames can then be used in the process of test case design, together with filtering and prioritization also given as CPM rules. We present the details of the adaptation of CPM, together with first experiences from applying the method in an industrial context.

Keywords: software testing, test case design, test case generation, functional testing, black-box testing, equivalence partinioning, Category Partition Method, CPM.