Complex Event Processing Synergies with Predictive Analytics

Gabriella Tóth, Lajos Jenő Fülöp, László Vidács, Árpád Beszédes, Hunor Demeter, Lóránt Farkas and Tibor Gyimóthy
For Complex Event Processing (CEP), the synergy with Predictive Analytics (PA) is a promising research direction. In this paper we focus on the inclusion of PA technologies into CEP applications. Involving PA opens a wide range of possibilities in several application fields. However, we have observed that only a few CEP solutions apply PA techniques. We extended a CEP solution with predictive capabilities, defined the key aspects of the combination of these techniques, and summarized how CEP and PA could gain from the joint solution. Our approach is demonstrated in a proof-ofconcept experiment and simulation results are provided.

Complex Event Processing, Predictive Analytics.