CIASYS - Change Impact Analysis at System Level

Gabriella Tóth, Csaba Nagy, Judit Jász, Árpád Beszédes and Lajos Jenő Fülöp
The research field of change impact analysis plays an important role in software engineering theory and practice nowadays. Not only because it has many scientific challenges, but it has many industrial applications too (e.g., cost estimation, test optimization), and the current techniques are still not ready to fulfill the requirements of industry. Typically, the current solutions lack a whole-system view and give either precise results with high computation costs or less precise results with fast algorithms. For these reasons, they are not applicable to large industrial systems where both scalability and precision are very important. In this paper, we present a project whose main goal is to develop an innovative change impact analysis software-suit based on recent scientific results and modern technologies. The suite will use hybrid analysis techniques to benefit from all the advantages of static and dynamic analyses. In addition, it will be able to determine the dependencies at system level of software systems with heterogeneous architecture. The software is being developed by FrontEndART Ltd. while the theoretical and technological background is provided by the Department of Software Engineering at the University of Szeged. The project is funded by the Economic Development Operational Programme, New Hungary Development Plan.

Keywords: change impact analysis, static analysis, dynamic analysis, hybrid analysis, system-level dependencies.