(CS)2 -  The 10th Jubilee Conference of PhD Students in Computer Science

Szeged, Hungary, June 27 - 29, 2016

CSCS, the Conference of PhD Students in Computer Science provides a scientific forum for PhD student to present their ongoing research work, take part in interesting and fruitful discussions, and meet other young researchers in Szeged, the beautiful city of sunshine.

Topics of interest

All aspects of computer science and related fields, including theory and applications, e.g. algorithms and data structures, artificial intelligence, automata theory, complexity theory, databases, fuzzy theory, image processing, optimization, and software engineering.

CSCS will provide a forum for the

  • presentation of the latest research and developments in theory, algorithms, and applications of computer science,
  • reporting of interesting case studies in industrial and scientific applications of computer science,
  • demonstration of software tools for computer science.


  • Plenary sessions for invited talks (50 minutes).
  • Sessions for contributions (20 minutes).


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