DIscrete REConstruction Techniques (DIRECT) is a toolkit for testing and comparing 2D/3D reconstruction methods of discrete tomography (DT). The toolkit involves generating projections of discrete objects, running reconstruction methods, and visualization of result.

DT deals with reconstruction of cross sections of 2D or 3D discrete objects from their projections. Discrete objects can be divided into two classes: pixel/voxel based images (whose pixels/voxels can take value from a finite set), and parametric images (representing polygons, ellipses, closed 3D regions with triangulated surfaces, etc).

The advantage of this toolkit is the possibility to reach it from Internet. The user needs only a web browser that is able to display VRML objects. The generation of data, the reconstruction, and the visualization can be parameterized per web-forms.

The process of using this toolkit consists of 3 easy steps. The first step is to generate projections, the second step is the reconstruction, and the last step is the visualization of results (that is also implemented in 3D). When a step is finished the next will be loaded automatically by the browser. If the user has already a file with projections the process can be started at the second step.

This work is supported by the grants OTKA T032240 and NSF DMS 0306215.