1. Name: Ferenc Gécseg

  2. Position: Professor of Computer Science

  3. Institution: Department of Informatics, University of Szeged (H-6720 Szeged, Árpád tér 2, Hungary)

  4. Personal data:
    Date of birth: 13.3.1939,
    Place of birth: Zalavár (Hungary)
    Married since 1959 (Mária Pápai)
    Children: Mária (b. 1962) and Zsuzsanna (b. 1964)
    Grandchildren: Sándor (b. 1985), Andrea (b. 1989), Kató (b. 1990), Panna (b. 1991) and Szabolcs (b. 1994)

  5. Studies:
    Elementary and general school in Zalavár (1945-1953)
    High school in Keszthely (1953-1957)
    University studies at the University of Szeged (1957-1962), graduated in 1962 as a mathematics teacher (with specialization in algebra)

  6. Degrees:
    Candidate of Mathematical Sciences (1967, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
    Doctor of Mathematical Sciences (1976, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
    Corresponding Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1987)
    Full Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1995)

  7. Positions held in Hungary:
    Professor's Assistant (1962-1965, University of Szeged)
    Aspirant (1965-1967, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
    First Assistant to Professor (1968-1970, University of Szeged)
    Associate Professor (1970-1977, University of Szeged),
    Professor (1977-, University of Szeged)

  8. Visiting positions:
    Postdoctorate Fellow, University of Manitoba, Canada (1.9.1968- 31.8.1969)
    Visiting Professor, University of Turku, Finland (1.9.1974- 31.8.1975)
    Visiting Professor, Tampere University of Technology, Finland (1.9.1978-31.12.1978)
    Visiting Professor, University of Western Ontario, Canada (1.1.1987-30.6.1987)
    Visiting Research Professor, Academy of Finland (1.9.1992- 28.2.1993)

  9. Professional and association membership:
    Member of the Council of EATCS (since 1983)
    Vice-President of EATCS (1989-1998)
    Member of János Neumann Computer Science Society
    Member of János Bolyai Mathematical Society
    Editor of Acta Cybernetica
    Editor of Alkalmazott Matematikai Lapok
    Editor of Acta Mathematica Hungarica
    Editor of Acta Scientiarum Mathematicarum
    Editor of Foundations of Control Engineering

  10. Conferences:
    More than 30 invited talks at international conferences, summer schools and foreign scientific institutions.
    Chairman of the mini-conferences on Algebraic Theory of Automata held in Szeged, in 1973 and 1977.
    Chairman of the 1981 and 1989 international conferences on Fundamentals of Computation Theory.
    Chairman of the Programme Committee of ICALP 95.
    Program committee member for the following conferences: - FCT 79 (Wendisch-Rietz, DDR, 1979)
    - FCT 83 (Borgholm, Sweden, 1983)
    - Algebra, Combinatorics and Logic in Computer Science (Győr, Hungary, 1983)
    - FCT 85 (Cottbus, DDR, 1985)
    - FCT 87 (Kazan, SSSR, 1987)
    - FCT 93 (Szeged, Hungary, 1993)
    - ICALP 94 (Lund, Sweden, 1994)
    - MFCS 97 (Bratislava, Slovak Republic, 1997)

  11. Research interest:
    Automata and formal languages, universal algebra

  12. Honorary degree and awards:
    Foreign Member of the Finnish Academy of Sciences (1994)
    Grünwald Géza Prize (1966)
    Order of Labour (silver degree) (1974)
    Academic Prize (1980)
    Kalmár László Memorial Medal (1982)
    Order of Labour (golden degree) (1983)
    Szele Tibor Memorial Medal (1990)
    Szent-Györgyi Albert Prize (1995)

Szeged, 24th February 2003

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