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The latest version: uego 2.6


uego is a global optimization tool. The name stands for Universal Evolutionary Global Optimizer. It is evolutionary because its basic concepts are inherited from its ancestor, GAS. However, it is not evolutionary in the usual sense; only w.r.t. the species creation mechanism or niching. In fact, it is a general technique for globalizing local search techniques or perhaps improving even global techniques in a meaningful manner. Features of uego:


I'm currently working on different projects so the software is not really supported anymore (at least not by me) but you can dowload it anyway. You can find information about UEGO in my thesis or in one of my papers listed in my publications page. If you would like to use the software, download the latest version in source distribution for unix/linux uego26.tar.gz. Note, that the source should compile on other platforms as well.

Jelasity Márk
Mon Feb 23 11:17:47 MET 1998