CV of András Pluhár

Personal Dates Name: András Sándor Pluhár Date and place of birth: 1963, Gyula, Hungary Address: Hópárduc str, Szeged H-6725, Hungary. Family: Divorced. Children: András Miklós Pluhár (2005)
Education 1982-88 Attended József Attila University, Szeged, Hungary. Thesis advisor: Zoltán Blázsik. Thesis title: Interval graphs, M.S. from Mathematics in 1988 1990-94 Graduate studies in Operations Research, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. Ph.D. from Rutgers in 1994. Dissertation advisor: Dr. József Beck . Dissertation title: Positional Games on the Infinite Chessboard Research Interest: Combinatorics, Games, Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization
Honors, Awards 1985 3rd prize in the F. Riesz math competion for undergraduates. 1986 Honorary mention in M. Schweitzer mathematical competition. 1988 "Achievement prize" from József Attila University, 2nd prize. 1990-93 "Excellence fellowship" from Rutgers University, spent at RUTCOR. 1995 "Excellent teaching" prize from József Attila University. 1995 Black belt in Chang Moo Kwan Taekwon-do. 1995 Bilateral Intergovermental S and T Cooperation between Italy and Hungary I-14/95. One week stay and lecture at University of Bologna. 1996 Two weeks of research at Technical University of Graz, supported by the Austrian-Hungarian Action Fund, no. 20u2. 1998 A 3-month fellowship from the Austrian-Hungarian Action Fund, spent at the Math Dept of the Technical University of Graz. 1998 Head of research in the three-year OTKA project no. F026049, "Representation of discrete structures." (successfully ended in 2001) 2001 Delivering a two-week compact course in Combinatorial Games at the Technical University of Graz, sponsored by the project ERASMUS. 2001 Participant of the four-year OTKA project no. T034475, "Special graph classes" (head Dr. Péter Hajnal). 2002 Won the Békésy fellowship for 3 years. 2002-2003 IQN project, a 3 month graduate lecture in Drezden, title: Probabilistic Models . 2005 Participant of the four-year OTKA project no. T049398 , "Graphs, geometry, randomness and algorithms " (head Dr. Péter Hajnal). 2009 Participant of the four-year OTKA project no. K76099, " Combinatorics, algorithms and randomness " (head Dr. Péter Hajnal).
Work Experience 2007- Associate Professor at the Dept of Comp Sci, University of Szeged 1998- Adjunct Professor at the Dept of Comp Sci, University of Szeged 1994-98 Assistant Professor at the Dept of Comp Sci, University of Szeged 1998-2001 Part time job at the research group of Cygron Ltd, as a project leader 1990-94 Teaching Assistant, Rutgers, the State University of NJ 1988-90 Research Assistant, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Teaching Experience (in semesters, at Rutgers and József Attila University) Numerical Analysis (4), Calculus (2), Applied Graph Theory (1), Algorithms and Data Structures (9), Linear Programming (7), Operations Research (4) Combinatorial Games (5), Logic and Program Verification (1), Linear Algebra Method in Combinatorics (3), Probabilistic Method (2), Algorithmic Graph Theory (1), Mathematics of Markets (1). Szeged, 6th of February, 2009.