[University of Szeged, Department of Computational Optimization]

Péter Gábor Szabó / Hungarian page
Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Dr.habil., University of Szeged
University of Szeged
Institute of Informatics
H-6701, Szeged, P.O. Box 652.


Árpád tér 2, Office No. 54. Phone: +36 62 544-883

Teaching [2022/23]

++ The second semester - Nonlinear Programming - Operations Research I. - Advanced Approximate and Symbolic Computations - Computer Statistics and Approximate Computations

Research Topics

+ History of Mathematics and Informatics in Hungary + Nonlinear Programming, Circle packing and covering


Publications (MTMT)

Facebook History of Mathematics


- Best talk of Section Award (2000, CSCS Conference, Szeged) - Gyula Farkas Prize (2006, János Bolyai Mathematical Society, Budapest) - Crystal Prize "The best paper" (2009, CompSysTech'09 Conference, Ruse, Bulgaria) - Memorial Plaque for the Higher Education of Hungary (2010, Minister of Education and Culture, Budapest) - János Bolyai medal (created by Kinga Széchenyi) (2010, János Bolyai Memorial Conference, Budapest-Marosvásárhely) - Neumann Award (2021, John von Neumann Computer Society, Budapest)

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