Natural Language Processing for the Social Media

PhD course at the University of Szeged

organised by the project

2013. December 9-13.

Day 1 by Leon Derczynski

1. Twitter intro + JSON structure

2. Challenges in analysing social media: why traditional NLP models do not work well

3. GATE for social media

Lecture Tutorial

Day 2 by Leon Derczynski

1. Language identification

2. Tokenising and normalising noisy social media content

3. Part-of-speech-tagging

4. Named entity recognition

Day 3 by Kalina Bontcheva

1. Sentiment and opinion mining

2. Using crowdsourcing to create the missing training and evaluation datasets

Day 4 by Kalina Bontcheva

1. Named entity linking

2. Summarisation

3. Gathering social media content for research: practical and ethical considerations