Travel Information

Since SSIP participants are expected from several countries, they are probably to arrive by different means of transportation to Hungary, and to Szeged. Here are some guidance as to how to approach your final destination, that is, Szeged, the University buildings and the dormitory. Should you need any further assistance, please contact the organizers via email at

Arriving in Budapest by plane

Fly to Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (BUD) (formerly “Ferihegy” Airport). From the airport, you can get to a railway or bus station by means of local transportation (for example with the Bus 200E), and take a train or bus to Szeged. Or, you can rent a car and drive directly to Szeged. The easiest to get to Szeged is by train from the “Ferihegy” train stop at Terminal 1 (see below).

From Budapest to Szeged

By train

Szeged is served by trains from the Nyugati Railway Station in Budapest. The station can be reached by metro M3 from within Budapest. (route planner) Trains to Szeged run every hour (timetable) and also stop at Ferihegy Terminal 1. If you arrive at Terminal 2, the Bus 200E will take you to Terminal 1, for a fare. At the “Ferihegy” train stop, you can board the train to Szeged at the last exit from the foot bridge. Train tickets can be purchased at the platform.

Each train has regular as well as InterCity cars. The IC cars require seat reservation but they are airconditioned and more comfortable. One way tickets cost HUF 3.410 (2nd class) and HUF 595 extra for InterCity seat reservation. If you don’t want to come with IC cars, then one way ticket for regular cars cost HUF 3.410 (2nd class) and HUF 295 extra for regular cars (without seat reservation).

By bus

There are also bus routes to Szeged served from Népliget Bus Station. The bus terminal is also on metro route M3. (route planner) Tickets cost about HUF 3.200, one way. For the schedule, please inquire at the bus station or check out the online timetable.

By car

Follow highway M5 (E75) from Budapest to Szeged (toll road).

Local transportation in Szeged

In general, you probably do not need to use any local transportation during the Summer School, since everything you may want to reach in the town (dormitory, lecture hall, computer labs, downtown) is in a walking distance. However, if you need to get somewhere and do not feel like walking, there are tram lines, trolley lines, and several bus lines with frequent stops and change locations. To ride on any of these vehicles you need a valid pass. Single tickets (HUF 320), daily tickets (HUF 1040), weekly tickets (HUF 3.850) can be purchased at kiosks near major stops and change points. Single tickets can also be purchased at the driver for HUF 400.

From the railway station to the dormitory

After arriving in Szeged, take the tram No. 1 or 2 in front of the railway station building and get off at “Aradi vertanuk tere” square (the 3rd stop). From there, you have to walk. You should cross the square, and follow one block in the “Zrinyi utca” street along the tram line (or whatever marks there are about it :-), turn right, the dormitory will be on your right in a few meters.

From the bus terminal to the dormitory

After arriving in Szeged, go to the “Rokusi templom” tram stop (in front of the “Rokusi” church, one block away from the bus terminal). Take the tram No. 1 or 2 towards “Szeged palyaudvar” (whith the church behind you, direction to the right) and get off at “Aradi vertanuk tere” square (the 4th stop). You should cross the square, and follow one block in the “Zrinyi utca” street along the tram line (or whatever marks there are about it :-), turn right, the dormitory will be on your right in a few meters.

From the dormitory to the lecture hall

The dormitory is in walking distance from the University buildings where the daily activities will take place. For your convenience, at least on the first morning, local personnel will walk you from the dormitory to the lecture hall.


Please find maps of the city map with the most inportant landmarks highlighted.


The local currency in Hungary is Hungarian Forint (HUF). For current exchange rates please visit The Universal Currency Converter Services.

There are several ATM machines in downtown Szeged where you can withdraw cash from your VISA/MasterCard, and many bank branches where you can cash travellers checks. You may also use your VISA/MasterCard for purchase at several shops and supermarkets.

Accommodation and Food

We recommend you to stay in the student hostel during the Summer School. Other possibilities can be found here.

There are many possibilities to have lunch at reasonable prices (e.g. SZOTE Ételbár, Diáktanya, Gödör étterem, Irinyi Bisztro, which are located nearby the venue of the Summer School. These places are marked on the map.) where the participants can have a set meal for around HUF 800-1000.
Also, we can recommend some other options in Szeged.

Special assistance

If you need special assistance, please notify the organizers as soon as you know your itinerary. We will try to assist participants arriving at the Szeged railway station.