Tamas Pflanzner

Tamas Pflanzner

Researcher / Software Developer

Szeged, Hungary




Application Development
Business Web Technologies
System Development I.
Parallel Programming


















Work Experience

Researcher / Software Developer
Department of Software Engineering, Institute of Informatics, University of Szeged
Sep 2014 - Current

My research interests include Cloud Computing in general and Internet of Things. I had a few projects with the Ericsson Hungary company regarding OpenStack and PaaS solutions. Beside the teaching duties, I work on various research and software development projects. I was a Management Committee Substitute member of the ICT COST Action IC1304 project on Autonomous Control for Reliable Internet of Services. I am a Management Committee Substitute member of the COST Action CA17136 project on Indoor Air Pollution Network. Currently I am a researcher in the GINOP IoLT project, financed by the Hungarian Government and the European Regional Development Fund.

Researcher / Android Developer
CAS Software Kft.
Jan 2013 - Jul 2014

During the work at CAS Software Kft. I learned about mobile software development and project management. I participated in and lead a variety of Android related projects. We created applications for Daimler AG and Fraunhofer among others.


PhD in Computer Science

University of Szeged

2015 - Current

Topic: Cloud computing, Internet of Things

Software Information Technologist MSc

University of Szeged

2011 - 2013

Thesis title: Enhancing data management of mobile devices with IaaS Cloud services

Software Information Technologist BSc

University of Szeged

2008 - 2011

Thesis title: An examination of the efficiency of indexing techniques in large databases.


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