Regulation of travel grants

Regulation about supporting the study trips of PhD students.

Evaluation criteria and official procedure

Applications can be submitted for conference, workshop, summer and winter school participation.

The Institute and the Doctoral School should announce the amount of money available at the beginning of every year, already in January. After this, the Doctoral School issues the call for proposals. Submission is continuous.

Application is open for all the students but it is an advantage if the applicant holds a state scholarship or the Doctoral School receives at least the same amount of state aid for the student as in the case of a state scholarship.

Students can submit maximum one application per year and maximum two during the 3 or 4 years of the programme. The amount of the grant is limited, depends on the yearly budget.

Support can only be granted to students with an accepted talk. Applications can be submitted and evaluated before the notice of acceptance is received. The grant can only be used after the notice of acceptance has arrived.

The following criteria provide an advantage for the applicant:

  1. The prepared and accepted publication is acknowledged by the Doctoral School for the doctoral procedure.
  2. There was a selection, especially if it was a strong selection, of submitted papers (leading conferences).
  3. Organizers cover a part of the costs.
  4. Other grants cover a part of the costs.
  5. The applicant has not received support before.


In case of co-authored publications, only one student can receive support for the conference.

A short travel report has to be submitted within one month after the study trip. If the student fails to submit it, they will receive no further support.

The applications are evaluated by the Doctoral Council. The applications has to be submitted before the conference, in due time for evaluation.

The application has to contain:

  • The brochure of the conference.
  • Information concerning the conference proceedings.
  • The submitted paper.
  • The notice of acceptance.
  • If possible, a certificate about what percent of submitted papers were accepted (in case of conference series the acceptance percentage of previous years is also adequate).
  • The supervisor’s opinion.
  • The budget plan (if student registration fee is lower, that has to be taken into account).
  • The amount applied for.


Accepted at the Doctoral Council meeting of 14 November 2001.

Szeged,17 September 2019.