Accepted Papers

  1. Mikhail Barash and Alexander Okhotin : Grammars with two-sided contexts
  2. Martin Berglund, Frank Drewes and Brink Van Der Merwe : Catastrophic Backtracking in Regular Expression Matching
  3. Henning Bordihn, Martin Kutrib and Andreas Malcher : Measuring Communication in Parallel Communicating Finite Automata
  4. Karel Brinda : Languages of lossless seeds
  5. Janusz Brzozowski and Gareth Davies : Maximally Atomic Languages
  6. Cezar Campeanu : Simplifying Nondeterministic Finite Cover Automata
  7. Vincent Carnino and Sylvain Lombardy : On Determinism and Unambiguity of Weighted Two-way Automata
  8. Kristina Cevorova, Galina Jiraskova, Peter Mlynarcik, Matúš Palmovský and Juraj Sebej : Operations on Automata with All States Final
  9. Stefano Crespi Reghizzi and Pierluigi San Pietro : Commutative Languages and their Composition by Consensual Methods
  10. Chen Fei Du and Jeffrey Shallit : Similarity density of the Thue-Morse word with overlap-free infinite binary words
  11. Shiguang Feng, Claudia Carapelle, Oliver Fernandez Gil and Karin Quaas : On the Expressiveness of TPTL and MTL over omega-Data Words
  12. Henning Fernau, Rudolf Freund and Markus Holzer : Cooperating Distributed Grammar Systems of Finit e Index Working in Hybrid Modes
  13. László Hegedűs and Benedek Nagy : Representations of Circular Words
  14. Markus Holzer and Sebastian Jakobi : More Structural Characterizations of Some Subregular Language Families by Biautomata
  15. Milka Hutagalung, Martin Lange and Etienne Lozes : Buffered Simulation Games for Büchi Automata
  16. Szabolcs Iván : Synchronizing weighted automata
  17. Andreas Maletti : Hyper-minimization for deterministic weighted tree automata
  18. Ludovic Mignot, Nadia Ouali Sebti and Ziadi Djelloul : k-Position, Follow, Equation, k-C-Continuation Tree Automata Constructions
  19. Maris Valdats : Boolean circuit complexity of regular languages
  20. Antti Valmari : A Simple Character String Proof of the “True but Unprovable” Version of Gödel’s First Incompleteness Theorem
  21. Vojtěch Vorel : Subset Synchronization of Transitive Automata