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Endre Varga:
Computer assisted image processing and navigation systems for trauma surgery
The surgery of fractured bones is often a very complex problem. That is the reason why it would be beneficial to create a geometric and mechanic model of the bones before surgical intervention. The model geometry is based on the CT images of the patient and the known physical properties of the bone. A computerised system is presented here, called MedEdit, which helps a surgeon plan an operation. The system includes a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) program to measure the stress effects of the possible surgical solutions. Following the simulation and analysis of the behaviour of the modelled bone, surgeons can find the best surgical solution for the patient.
Following planning and FEA evaluation intraoperative navigation tools will be discussed. What kind of new devices can help the surgeons? Whan kind of limits have we today? Is any special role of the IT-experts in the OR?

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