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Lecturers who have so far confirmed their participation.

Lecturer Affiliation Country Proposed Title of the Lecture
Csaba Beleznai Austrian Institute of Technology Austria Challenging vision tasks meeting depth sensing: an in-depth look
Ernst Schwartz Medical University of Vienna Austria Image population modeling in neuroscience
László Szirmay-Kalos Budapest University of Technology and Economics Hungary 3D reconstruction with depth image fusion
László Ruskó GE Healthcare Hungary Image segmentation techniques for medical image processing
Dmitry Chetverikov Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Comptuer Science an Control Hungary Scale-space and its applications
Tamás Szirányi Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Comptuer Science an Control Hungary The part and the whole: relations in the scene of sensors' measurement space
András Hajdu University of Debrecen Hungary Retinal image analysis
László Czúni University of Pannonia Hungary Offline handwriting recognition in archive documents
Slavoljub Mijovic University of Montenegro Montenegro Fundamental problems in image restoration
Tibor Lukic University of Novi Sad Serbia Regularized energy-minimization methods in image processing
Andrew Todd-Pokropek University College London UK Why try to quantitate (medical) images?
Péter Horváth Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Biological Research Centre Hungary Image segmentation and machine learning methods in large scale computational cell biology
Csaba Benedek Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Comptuer Science an Control Hungary Integrated 4D vision and visualization
Endre Varga University of Szeged Hungary Computer assisted image processing and navigation systems for trauma surgery
Balázs Erdohelyi DicomLab Ltd. Hungary Surgical planning in dental implantology
Attila Fazekas University of Debrecen Hungary Face detection and facial gesture recognition
Remigiusz Labudzki University of Poznan Poland Methods for 3D reconstruction
Péter Balázs University of Szeged Hungary Continuous and discrete image reconstruction
Kálmán Palágyi University of Szeged Hungary Shape representation by skeletonization
Attila Tanács University of Szeged Hungary Imaging capabilities of today's smartphones

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