Last modified: December 22, 2023

Árpád Beszédes
– associate professor –
University of Szeged
Institute of Informatics :: Department of Software Engineering

address:  H-6720 Szeged, Árpád tér 2., Hungary
phone:  +3662 544158
secretariat:  +3662 546724
personal web:
department web:
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Research Interests


  •   Program Committee Member of the following Software Engineering conferences:
  • ICSM'09, ICSM'10, ICSM'11, ICSM'12 ERA Track, ICSM'13 ERA Track, ICSME'15, ICSME'16, ICSME'16 Industry Track, ICSME'17, ICSME'17 Industry Track, ICSME'20, ICSME'21 NIER Track, ICSME'24
  • ICSE'17, ICSE'19 Posters Track, ICSE'22
  • ESEC/FSE'22, ESEC/FSE'23
  • CSMR'09, CSMR'10, CSMR'12, CSMR'12 Tool Demo Track, CSMR'13, CSMR-18/WCRE-21, SANER'15, SANER'22 RENE Track, SANER'23, SANER'24
  • ICPC'08, ICPC'09, ICPC'10, ICPC'11, ICPC'15 Tool Track, ICPC'21 RENE Track, ICPC'23
  • SCAM'10, SCAM'12, SCAM'13, SCAM'14, SCAM'16, SCAM'17, SCAM'19, SCAM'19 MIP Award Committee, SCAM'21 MIP Co-Chair
  • SQM'10, SQM'11, SQM'12, SQM'13, SQM'14, SQM'15
  • ICSOFT'08, ICSOFT'09
  • GTTSE'11 Summer School (Scientific committee member)
  • BCI'12
  • International IEEE CE Workshop 2015
  • EOSESE'15
  • SDL Forum'17
  • VST'18, VST'20, VST'21
  • SESoS-WDES'19
  • SAC'22
  •   Recipient of a Distinguished Reviewer Award at the following conferences: ESEC/FSE'23, ESEC/FSE'22, ICSME'17, ICSME'16
  •   Journal editorship service:
  •  IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering: Associate Editor (2023-)
  •  Journal of Software: Evolution and Process (Wiley): Special Issue Guest Editor (HUMAN'22)
  •  Empirical Software Engineering (Springer): Special Issue Guest Editor (ICSME'19)
  •  Journal of Systems and Software (Elsevier): Special Issue Guest Editor (SCAM'18)
  •  IET Software: Special Issue Guest Editor (SCAM'11)
  •   HUMAN 2024: Program Co-Chair
  •   HUMAN 2022: Co-organizer
  •   IEEE Source Code Analysis and Manipulation Working Conference (SCAM): Steering Committee member
  •   SCAM 2021: Most Influential Paper Co-chair
  •   ICSME 2019: Program Co-Chair
  •   SCAM 2018: General Chair 
  •   ICST 2018: PhD Symposium Co-Chair
  •   SCAM 2011: Program Co-Chair
  •   ESEC/FSE 2011: Local Organization Co-Chair, PhD Working Groups Chair
  •   CSMR 2010: Workshop Chair
  •   ETOOS 2010: General Co-Chair
  •   ICSM 2010: Industrial Co-Chair
  • Publications

    Research Advisees

    Current doctoral advisees:

  •  Qusay Idrees Sarhan 
  •  Attila Szatmári
  •  Péter Soha
  • Graduated doctoral advisees:

  •  Béla Vancsics: New Algorithms and Benchmarks for Supporting Spectrum-Based Fault Localization, University of Szeged, 2023.
  •  Ferenc Horváth: Code Coverage Measurement and Fault Localization Approaches, University of Szeged, 2023.
  •  Gergő Balogh: Utilizing static and dynamic software analysis to aid cost estimation, software visualization, and test quality management, University of Szeged, 2020.
  • Teaching

  • Programming languages
  • Compiler construction
  • Information systems
  • Advanced programming techniques
  • Object oriented languages and methodologies
  •  System development
  •  Object oriented systems design
  •  Software engineering
  •  Software testing theory and practice
  • Teaching information for students
  • Projects

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