I work on interesting research problems which are important for real-world Natural Language Processing applications. I've carried out several industrial projects as a project manager or a freelancer for 10 years. If you'd need expertise in Natural Language Processing/Text Mining contact me...


Note organiser engine

I developed the Natural Language Processing engine for NoteSuite, an iOS app from a US start-up. The engine marks important phrases in documents and offers you related documents (according to semantic similarity measures).

Intelligent recruitment system

We develop an automatic CV parser (fine-tuned for Hungarian) and a semantic candidate ranking solution for the Nexum Hungary Ltd.

Criminal information extraction system

We develop an information extraction system for the Hungarian Coordination Centre Against Organized Crime.

Automatic keyphrase extraction for the [origo] online news archive

Our algorithms put the keyphrases (tags) for 400K news articles of [origo]'s (the biggest news portal in Hungary) archive.

Infocommunicational technologies and the society of the future

In the Natural Language Processing subproject of, we work on several interesting pilot applications, e.g.:

Automatic construction of chemo-, and biological databases from text

We develope Text Mining modules for fostering the manual biomedical curation (database construction from text) process at HubScience Ltd.

Clinical ICD coding system

Our automatic ICD coding system won the international challenge in 2007.

Information Extraction from Short Business News

We developed a system for extracting information tuples from text about company acquistions in 2004.

Linguistic processing of Hungarian

I'm one of the authors of magyarlanc, a state-of-the-art end-to-end Natural Language Processing package for Hungarian texts.