Planned Program

Rajmund Mokso: Show cases in 3D and 4D image quantification in bio and materials science applications of X-ray tomography

Csaba Beleznai: Task-oriented Computer Vision in 2D and 3D – enabling technologies for autonomous vehicles

Ivan Stajduhar: Everything you never wanted to know about machine learning, but force to find out

Tibor Lukic: Tomography image reconstruction on conventional and non-conventional grids

Roxane Licandro: Machine Learning in Medical Imaging

Tamás Ungi: Real time navigation in image-guided medical procedures

Erich Sorantin: Selected Topics on Medical Image Processing

András Horváth: Adversarial samples: investigating the invariance of neural networks and revealing their flaws

Andrew Todd-Pokropek: A history of the first 100 years of (Medical) image computing

Daniela Zaharie: Deep Neural Networks Architectures in Satellite Imagery

Allan Hanbury: Search to Support Radiologists: from a research prototype to a product

Marina Ivašić-Kos: Detection of Persons in Different Scenarios

Schedule will be available before the summer school.