IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance, Budapest, Sept 25-30, 2005
Student event
Monday, Sept 26, 6pm-8pm

The goal of this student event is to discuss some topics that could be interesting for a student.
For example:
  • Is there any bridge between academia and industry?
  • How could I work on an industrial project during my studies? Does it make sense at all?
  • How can students contribute to improve the quality of software engineering education?
  • ...
If you are a student and take part on this event, we would like to encourage you to collect your own questions, too. During the student event we will help you to find the answers for your questions and also for the questions above.
If you are one of the participants of the ICSM and want to join the student event, please send a mail to Andrea Cserép, at
Last modified: 2005-08-11