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SSIP 2002 Registration

Registration closed

Register through the web

Please, fill in the form below and submit to register. List related coarses you have taken and projects you have participated in as your experience in image processing.

There is no participation fee. Our lecturers and organisers are volunteers. The organisation costs are covered by our sponsors. We expect that really motivated students will come, who are determined to attend lectures and participate in projects. Measures will be taken against those who view the School as a touristic event.

Students who request accommodation will have to pay upon arrival an accommodation fee to partially cover the cost of accommodation in a dormitory. Due to sponsorship by the Eötvös Loránd University, the accommodation fee can be waived upon motivated request. Consult the conditions of accommodation before sending this form.

First name:
Last name:
Experience in image processing:
I need accommodation
in the dormitory:
Yes No
I intend to give a talk
in the student session:
Yes No
The title of my talk is:

Register via email

If your browser does not support forms, please, send an email to with the following details: first and last name, institution, city, country, email address, experience in image processing, whether you need accommodation in the dormitory, gender, whether you intend to give a talk in the sudent session, and the title of your talk.

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