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Traveling to SSIP 2002

The venue of SSIP 2002

ELTE, Department of General Computer Science
Hungary, 1117 Budapest, Pázmány P. sétány 1/C.
(This building is also called "Déli Tömb" = "Southern Block".)

Phone (Dr Fekete): (+36 1) 209-0555/8490, (06-30) 355-1157

Teacher/Student accommodation: ELTE Dormitory

ELTE Körösi Csoma S. Kollégiuma
1118 Budapest, Dayka Gábor utca 4.

Phone: +36 1 319-2550 (no English spoken)

The rooms are ready. You can go there even in the morning.

Do not pay at the dorm. Those who pay should do that at the SSIP 2002 registration desk.

If in trouble, contact any of the SSIP 2002 organisers

Map of relevant part of Budapest

Higher resolution map of relevant part of Budapest

Map of Budapest


A normal pre-purchased ticket for a single route on bus, tram or metro costs 105 Ft (approx. 0.45 euro). You can buy a 2-week pass valid for the whole area of Budapest. It costs 2650 Ft (approx. 12 euros) and needs a photograph.

More information on public transport in Budapest

Finding the Dormitory

From Keleti pu.: Take Metro line 2 (red) to Déli pu., then bus Nr.139 to "Dayka G. utca"
Alternatively, you can take bus Nr. 7 or 7red to Moricz Zsigmond körtér (square), then take bus Nr. 40, 53, 153 to "Dayka G. utca". Do not use "red number" (express) bus Nr. 40!

WARNING: BartóK Béla út is UNDERGOING a MAJOR RECONSTRUCTION. It's a complete mess. Trams Nr. 18, 19, 47, 49 are partially substituted by buses.

From Kelenföldi pu.: Some trains going to Keleti stop here. It's very close. Use underground passage to cross all platforms, then take bus Nr. 40, 53, 87,153, or 139 to "Dayka G. utca".

From Nyugati pu.: Take tram Nr. 6 to Moricz Zsigmond körtér (terminal station), cross the square, then take bus Nr. 40, 53, or 153 to "Dayka G. utca".

Going to the venue of SSIP 2002 from the Dormitory

Take bus to Nr. 40, 53, or 153 Moricz Zsigmond körtér (terminal station), cross the square, then take tram Nr. 6 (2nd stop), or just walk for 10 min.

Picture of the tram station where you should leave tram Nr. 6.

ELTE Campus: Route from the tram station to SSIP 2002 venue.

Picture of the 1/C Building where SSIP is held.

Walking to the 1/C Building, pass the Northern Block.

On your right, you will see the Informatics Building of the Technical University (BUTE).

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