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Expander is a small program which can stretch a WAV file in time without changing its pitch.

It is particularly useful for transcribing and learning to play fast musical pieces, as it enables you to hear individual notes at a slower pace, but retains the original pitch of the note, allowing you to hear and copy it. For example, a piece slowed down by a factor of two:

The original version of the program, version 1.x was freeware, but it could do only integer-factor expansions. This new version, 2.x can do now arbitrary expansions and compressions - i.e. if you want a musical piece slowed down by 1.5 times you can do it! Version 2.0 is shareware, the price is $20 or something of equivalent value (e.g. an audio CD). Contact me via E-Mail for details.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions see the FAQ page. To download the program, see the Download page. There are Examples for you to play as well as screen shots of the program and how it works. There is also a detailed History of the programs creation.

For any other information, e-mail the writer of the program:
Laszlo Toth - tothl@inf.u-szeged.hu.

June 2002
We have a new look webpage!

January 2001:
Version 2.0 was released.

July 1997:
Version 1.2 was released.

June 1997:
Version 1.1 was released.

March 1997:
Expander 1.0 was first released.

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