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Regarding the present and probable future COVID-19 pandemy situation, in accordance with the collected opinion of the respective Scientific Committees and some interested future participant suggestions, organization committees of the HUGO and SCAN2020 conferences decided to postpone both meetings by one year. The exact dates are not found yet, but we position both events within the first two weeks of September 2021. All deadlines are reset accordingly. We hope the interested future participants understand this decision, and that we shall be able to have two nice conferences in 2021. 

Please take care when reserving flights and accommodation to have an insurance for possible cancellations.

The conference starts in the morning of September ?, 2021, Monday, and ends in the afternoon of September ?, 2021, Friday.

For each regular talk 25 minutes are allocated including questions, so regular sessions are 1 hour 40 minutes long. Coffee breaks last for 20 minutes. 

The Workshop on Global Optimization (HUGO) preceedes the conference (, and the satelite meeting of Coprod20 ( on Sunday, September ?, 2021. 

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