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Travelling to SSIP 2003

The venue of SSIP 2003

West University of Timisoara (UVT)
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science,
Romania, 1900 Timisoara, Bd. V.Parvan, no. 4
Classes will take place in the main building of the University (see the picture) in room 045C.

Teacher/Student Accomodation:  UVT dormitories

Accomodation will be available in  dormitories G4  and C12, which are located in the campus (Complexul Studentesc), within 10 minutes walk from the university.
Nearby there are a lot of fast foods, restaurants (chinese included!) to choose a place  at your convenience. Prices are reasonable: 2-5 EUR for a standard lunch. (drinks not included!).

Ways to get there

Timisoara, the host of the event can be reached by train , car or plane.
From the west, the main railroute comes from Budapest. (arrivals)
By car, one can use the Hungarian highway untill Kecskemet and then travel south (Szeged, Arad, Timisoara...) There are also connections from Belgrade and Sofia  in the south.
TAROM and Austrian Airlines operate on the International Airport of Timisoara. There is a bus line from the airport (just outside the terminal) to the inner city.

There are a lot of interesting sites to be seen in the city, most of them located in the center, about 10-20 minutes walk from the university. See some pictures which should ilustrate the name of "little Vienna", used sometimes for the city.  Although the text is only in romanian , you may take a glimpse at the images .

To reach distant sites within the city you can use the local bus/tram network . At this date, a  two-trips ticket costs 14000lei (less than 0.5 EUR). Tickets have to be pre-purchased (some stations have selling points). Of course there are also taxi cabs (a lot of them) although we would not recommend using them: they are often too expensive, especially if the client is a  foreigner!  

Please come back to this page in the future, as it will be completed with more relevant/useful info.