Workshop on Large-Scale Tomography is organized by University of Szeged, Hungary between 25-27 January 2016. The conference is part of the activities of the EU COST Action MP1207: Enhanced X-ray Tomographic Reconstruction: Experiment, Modeling, and Algorithms.

Tomographic imaging produces a huge amount of usually noisy data which is challenging to be analyzed and visualized with conventional data processing methods. Handling such amount of data can be easier by applying BigData technologies, large-scale optimization methods, or even by using data reduction techniques. The aim of the workshop organized within the COST MP1207 action is to present scientific results of theoretical and practical experts of the field (mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists), to discuss current research ideas, and to build international collaborations in order to solve large-scale tomographic problems. The main topics of the workshop are

  • linear and nonlinear models of x-ray imaging systems;
  • novel and/or tailor-made image reconstruction algorithms;
  • handling noisy, imprecise, and/or imperfect data in tomography;
  • gathering and exploiting prior information in image reconstruction;
  • gathering, analyzing, and visualizing tomographic data;
  • machine learning in tomography;
  • optimization in tomography;
  • applications of absorption, phase, fluorescent and diffraction contrast tomography.

WLST 2016 is sponsored by:

COST Institute of Informatics, University of Szeged Faculty of Science and Informatics