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13th International Conference on

Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery

October 25-27, 2006
Szeged, Hungary

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From abroad to Hungary by plane

Many large and budget international airlines operate flights to Budapest Ferihegy airport (BUD). The City of Budapest can be easily accessed from both airport terminals by the Airport Minibus shuttle service, fast public transport (Bus 200), taxi, or car. Several car rental companies have their representatives at both terminals. Please check the web pages of the airport for further details.

From abroad to Hungary by train

Most international trains arrive at Budapest Keleti pu. (East Station) but trains to Szeged leave from Budapest Nyugati pu. (West Station). The short trip between the railway stations can be done by means of public transport or by taxi.

Public transport within Budapest

The followings are only the few most important connections between railway stations and the airport of Budapest. Please check the web site of the Budapest Public Transport Services for more details, prices, route maps, etc.

From Keleti Palyaudvar to Nyugati Palyaudvar:
Take trolley-bus #73 at Baross ter (Bethlen Gabor u.), 8 stops, get off at Terez korut (next to Nyugati pu.). Travel time approx. 15 minutes.
From Keleti Palyaudvar to Kobanya-Kispest:
Take tram #24 at Baross ter (Festetics Gy.u.), 6 stops, change to metro M3 at Nagyvarad ter, 5 stops, get off at Kobanya-Kispest. Travel time approx. 25 minutes.
From Ferihegy I. terminal to Kobanya-Kispest:
Take bus #200, 4 stops, get off at Kobanya-Kispest. Travel time approx. 20 minutes.
From Ferihegy II. terminal to Kobanya-Kispest:
Take bus #200, 6 stops, get off at Kobanya-Kispest. Travel time approx. 24 minutes.
From Kobanya-Kispest to Nyugati Palyaudvar:
Take metro M3, 12 stops, get off at Nyugati Palyaudvar. Travel time approx. 21 minutes.

From Budapest to Szeged by train

Trains from Budapest to Szeged leave from Budapest-Nyugati pu. (Nyugati Station) and also stop at Kobanya-Kispest station. There are more that 15 trains every day, however we recommend taking one of the InterCity (IC) trains, because they are faster and more comfortable. IC trains leave every 3 hours and the trip from Budapest to Szeged takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes. Note that seat reservation is mandatory on IC trains. If you come from Budapest Airport, you can get on the train at Kobanya-Kispest station.

From Budapest to Szeged by car

Szeged is directly connected with Budapest by the M5 highway. It is the fastest and most convenient way to Szeged by car. The fee for the use of the highway system in Hungary has to be paid in advance by purchasing the appropriate vignette. For prices and details please refer to the web pages below. Since the last section of M5 reaching Szeged was just recently finished, older maps and route planning software may not show it, but once you are on M5 you can drive along and just take the Exit at 159km at the north border of Szeged (in direction M43, Szeged Eszak, Hodmezovasarhely, Nagylak, Arad).

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