Research Group on Visual Computation

Our research focuses on computational models for visual observation and interpretation of the world. The main objective is to develop geometric, variational and probabilistic models of visual object extraction, interpretation and reconstruction. These models are used to tackle scientific challenges such as segmentation, geometric alignment and fusion of images provided by various sensors and optics, as well as 3D object modeling and analysis.


Zoltan Kato
University of Szeged
Institute of Informatics
P.O.Box 652
H-6701 Szeged
Tel: +36 62 546 399 (office)
Fax: +36 62 546 397
Map: Szeged, Tisza Lajos krt. 103.


Zoltan Kato, DSc (Head)
Attila Tanacs, PhD (Assistant Professor, part time)
Robert Frohlich, PhD (Research Associate)
Hichem Abdellali (PhD Student)
Gabor Nagy (BSc Student)
Noemi Verok (BSc Student)
Tamas Varju (BSc Student)
Viktor Vilagos (BSc Student)

External Collaborators

Gabriela Csurka, Martin Humenberger, Naver Labs Europe, Meylan, France
Josiane Zerubia, INRIA-Sophia Antipolis, France
Zoltan Torok, Leica Geosystems, Heerbrugg, Switzerland
Levente Tamas, Faculty of Automation and Computer Science, Tehnical University of Cluj Napoca, Romania
Ian Jermyn, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Durham University, UK
Natasa Sladoje, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia
Joakim Lindblad, Centre for Image Analysis, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden
Tibor Lukic, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia

Former Members

Levente Kovacs, PhD (Research Associate, part time)
Levente Hajder, PhD (Research Associate, part time)
Andras Majdik, PhD (Research Associate, part time)
Jozsef Molnar, PhD (Research Associate, part time)
Rui Huang, PhD (Research Associate)
Laszlo Kormoczi (Research Assistant)
Atul Rai (Research Assistant)
Noushin Ejtehadi (Research Assistant)
Andor Juhasz (Research Assistant)
Csaba Molnar (PhD Student)
Zsolt Santa (PhD Candidate)
Daniel Barath (PhD Student, part time)
Ivan Eichhardt (PhD Student, part time)
Erik Takacs (MSc Student)
Tamas Berze (MSc Student)
Emil Vilagos (MSc Student)
Viktor Tajti (MSc Student)
Gyorgy Atkari (MSc Student)
Nora Horanyi (MSc Student)
Endre Vecsernyes (MSc Student)
Sandor Laczik (MSc Student)
Zoltan Molnar (MSc Student)
Peter Racz (MSc Student)
Endre Juhasz (MSc Student)
Elod Buzas (BSc Student)
Adam Makai (BSc Student)

Hichem Abdellali has been awarded the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.) degree...


Hichem Abdellali has been awarded the KÉPAF Kuba Attila prize...