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Lecturer Affiliation Country Proposed Title of the Lecture
Csaba Beleznai Austrian Institue of Technology Austria Applied Aspects of Computer Vision: From Tasks to Possible Solutions
Allan Hanbury Information Retrieval Facility Austria Multimodal Information Retrieval and Evaluation
Georg Langs Medical University of Vienna Austria Studying the Structure of Cognition: Machine Learning and Neuroimaging
Tomas Pajdla Czech Technical University in Prague Czech Rebublic Algebraic Solutions to Minimal Problems in Computer Vision
Gabriela Csurka Xerox Research Center Europe France BOV and Fisher Vectors in Large Scale Image Classification and Retrieval
Laszlo Szirmay-Kalos Budapest University of Technology and Economics Hungary GPGPU programming with image processing applications
Laszlo Czuni University of Pannonia Hungary Vision based driver assistance systems
Tamas Sziranyi MTA SZTAKI, Distributed Events Analysis Research Group Hungary The part and the whole: relations in the scene of sensors' measurement space
Dmitrij Chetverikov MTA-SZTAKI, Image and Pattern Analysis Group Hungary 4D Reconstruction Studio: Creating Dynamic 3D Models
Attila Fazekas University of Debrecen Hungary Face detection, facial gesture recognition
Andras Hajdu University of Debrecen Hungary Ensemble-based systems in medical image processing
Joseph M. Francos Ben Gurion University, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering Israel A Universal and Exact Linear Framework for Estimation, Registration and Recognition of Deformable Objects
Alexander Bronstein Tel Aviv University, School of Electrical Engineering Israel Spectral methods in deformable shape analysis
Anna Zawada-Tomkiewicz Koszalin University of Technology Poland Application of wavelet decomposition in image enhancement and discrimination
Radu Orghidan Technical University of Cluj-Napoca Romania 3D reconstruction using a stereo configuration of perspective cameras
Camelia Florea Technical University of Cluj-Napoca Romania Image processing in the compressed domain
Natasa Sladoje University of Novi Sad, Dept. for Fundamental Disciplines Serbia Fuzzy sets and their applications in Image processing
Joakim Lindblad Uppsala University & Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Sweeden Precise image analysis with the Coverage model
Ian Jermyn Durham University, Dept. of Mathematical Sciences United Kingdom Shape modelling with contours and fields
Vladimir Kolmogorov University College London, Department of Computer Science United Kingdom MAP-MRF inference techniques in computer vision
Andrew Todd-Pokropek University College London, Dept of Medical Physics & Bioengineering United Kingdom Analysis of multidimensional (and temporal) series of data and of image fusion
Kálmán Palágyi University of Szeged, Dept. of Image Processing and Computer Graphics Hungary Shape representation by skeletonization
László Nyúl University of Szeged, Dept. of Image Processing and Computer Graphics Hungary Fuzzy techniques for image segmentation
Zoltan Kato University of Szeged, Dept. of Image Processing and Computer Graphics Hungary Markov Random Fields in Image Segmentation

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