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Agricultural Statistics - Digital Map Project


Hungarian Central Statistical Office (Központi Statisztikai Hivatal)

BlomInfo A/S (Denmark)

Danagro A/S (Denmark)

Department of Physical Geography and Geoinformatics (University of Szeged)

Geometria GIS System House Ltd. (Hungary)

MapScan Ltd. (Hungary)

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An agricultural statistical system has been elaborated, the first really significant GIS system of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office. The first version manages the data of vineyard and fruit cadastre.

The Hungarian Central Statistical Office carried out a vineyard and fruit census in 2001. The processing and management of the results of the census was supported by a Phare project, the task of which was the planning and implementation of the necessary GIS known as ÜST (Ültetvény Statisztikai Térinformatika - GIS for Plantation Statistics).
During the project we elaborated a Map Collection e-Book on parcel level and a GIS application, called Digital Map Software Application/GIS. It helps to analyze, display and publish data of agricultural statistical subjects, furthermore it supports the regional level examination of results of the agricultural census concerning survey on vineyard and fruit trees providing geographical information. The Digital Map/GIS is based on a GIS Concept that provides the framework for the future development within the HCSO Agricultural Department and also form part of a wider corporate GIS in the future. We paid special attention to the administrator's training.
The results of the project support the Hungarian Agricultural Statistical System in order to be in the position to receive, analyze and provide EU harmonized data.


Ádám Podolcsák, László Pintér, László Niklasz: Forming the spatial informatical background of agricultural statistics in the HCSO. Hungarian Conference on Geographical Information Systems, Szolnok, 2001.