(CS)2 -  The 11th Conference of PhD Students in Computer Science

Szeged, Hungary, June 25 - 27, 2018


Best Talk of the Session

Name Session Title
Ádám BudaiArtificial IntelligenceDeep Reinforcement Learning: A Study of the CartPole Problem
Tibor BrunnerStatic AnalysisBug Path Reduction Strategies for Symbolic Execution
Ádám BelákovicsCloud Computing I.Designing and Testing VM Allocation Algorithms for the CIRCLE Cloud Manager
Gábor HorváthTestingTowards Proper Differential Analysis of Static Analysis Engine Changes
Zoltán SzabóCloud Computing II.FHIR-based Healthcare System Backend with Deep Cloud Side Security
Gábor LékóImage Processing I.Projection Selection with Sequential Selection Methods using Different Evaluation Measures
Enikő IlyésEducationAgile method in education
Viktor VargaImage Processing II.Exploiting Temporal Context in 2d to 3d Human Pose Regression
Abigél MesterOptimizationDecision Support Heuristic for Dairy Farms
Dénes BarthaAlgorithmReconstruction of Rooted Directed Trees
Sándor BácsiProgramming LanguagesTowards a Classification to Facilitate the Design of Domain-Specific Visual Languages
Zsombor ParócziEvaluationLZ Based Compression Benchmark on PE Files
Dóra Mattyasovszky-PhilippBusiness ProcessCognitive Enterprise and Cognitive Information Systems

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