(CS)2 -  The 12th Conference of PhD Students in Computer Science

Online, web-based event, June 24 - 26, 2020


Best Talk of the Session

Name Session Title
Orsolya KardosGraphsSocial Network Characteristics from the Viewpoint of Centrality Measures
Dávid PappMachine LearningSpectral Clustering based Active Zero-shot Learning
Roland NagySecurityTowards Rootkit Detection on Embedded IoT Devices
Tamás AladicsProgram analysisFeature Extraction from JavaScript
José Vicente EgasHealth CareUsing the Fisher Vector Approach for Cold Identification
Dilshad Hassan SalloSimulationParallel Simulation for The Event System of DISSECT-CF
István FábiánPrivacyOn the Privacy Risks of Large-Scale Processing of Face Imprints
György PappComputer Graphics I.Embedding QR code onto triangulated meshes
Attila SzatmáriBugsAn Evaluation of Bug Taxonomy and Fault Localization Algorithms in JavaScript Programs
Mátyás KiglicsComputer Graphics II.Quadric tracing: A geometric method for accelerated sphere tracing of implicit surfaces
Gábor SzékelyDistributedTowards reverse engineering protocol state machines

Széchenyi 2020Supported by the project "Integrated program for training new generation of scientists in the fields of computer science", № EFOP-3.6.3-VEKOP-16-2017-00002. The project has been supported by the European Union and co-funded by the European Social Fund.

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