(CS)2 -  The 10th Jubilee Conference of PhD Students in Computer Science

Szeged, Hungary, June 27 - 29, 2016


Best Talk of the Session

Name Session Title
István KádárTestingThe Optimization of a Symbolic Execution Engine for Detecting Runtime Errors
Rebaz Ahmed Hama KarimMedical SolutionsLong-acting insulin management for blood glucose prediction model
Péter GyimesiProgram AnalysisAn Automatic Way to Calculate Software Process Metrics of GitHub Projects With the Aid of Graph Databases
Tibor BrunnerProgramming LanguagesFinding semantical differences between C++ standard versions
Dávid PappImage Processing I.Active Learning using Distribution Analysis for Image Classification
Gábor SzőkeModel MatchingFinding Matching Source Code Elements in an AST Using Position Information
György KalmárImage Processing II.Image processing based automatic pupillometry on infrared videos
Lajos GyőrffyAlgorithmThe structure of pairing strategies for k-in-a-row type games
Márton BúrCloud/IoTTowards hierarchical and distributed run-time monitors from high-level query languages
Máté TömösköziNetworkingRegression Model Building and Efficiency Prediction of Header Compression Implementations for VoIP
Oszkár SemeráthModelsValidation of Well-formedness constraints on Uncertain Model
Dániel ZomboriOptimizationParallel implementation of a modular, population based global optimizer package

Excellent Talk

Name Session Title
János BaumgartnerMiningCox regression based process optimization
Judit TamásMachine LearningClassification based Symbolic Indoor Positioning over the Miskolc IIS Dataset
Dénes BánMachine LearningThe Connection of Antipatterns and Maintainability in Firefox
Ábel GaraiMedical SolutionsCommon Open Telemedicine Hub and Interface Standard Recommendation
Péter GálProgramming LanguagesBringing a Non-object Oriented Language Closer to the Object Oriented World: A Case Study for A+.NET
Ádám BudaiImage Processing I.RJMCMC Optimization of marble thin section image segmentations
Ferenc Attila SomogyiModel MatchingOn the Efficiency of Text-based Comparison and Merging of Software Models
Krisztián KoósImage Processing II.Height Measurement of Cells Using DIC Microscopy
Gábor FábiánAlgorithmPhysical simulation based technique for determining continuous maps between meshes
Attila SelmeciCloud/IoTTrends and paradigm change in ERP datacenter management
Patrik János BraunNetworkingImproving QoS in web-based distributed streaming services with applied network coding
Zsolt BagóczkiOptimizationA parallelized interval arithmetics based reliable computing method on GPU

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