(CS)2 -  The 10th Jubilee Conference of PhD Students in Computer Science

Szeged, Hungary, June 27 - 29, 2016


Table of contents of the proceedings

Plenary talks1
Dániel MarxThe Optimality Program in Parameterized Algorithms1
László PyberHow to avoid the Classification Theorem of Finite Simple Groups in Asymptotic Group Theory2
Dániel VarróModels and Queries for Smart and Safe Cyber-physical Systems3
Bence Babati, Norbert Pataki and Zoltán PorkolábAnalysis of Include Dependencies in C++ Source Code4
Zsolt Bagóczki and Balázs BánhelyiA parallelized interval arithmetics based reliable computing method on GPU5
Dénes BánThe Connection of Antipatterns and Maintainability in Firefox6
Áron Baráth and Zoltán PorkolábChecking binary compatibility for modern programming language8
János Baumgartner, Zoltán Süle and János AbonyiCox regression based process optimization9
Biswajeeban MishraImproving OpenStack Services with Source Code Optimizations10
Bence Bogdándy and Zsolt TóthComparison of WiFi RSSI Filtering Methods11
Tibor Brunner, Norbert Pataki and Zoltán PorkolábFinding semantical differences between C++ standard versions13
Ádám Budai and Kristóf CsorbaRJMCMC Optimization of marble thin section image segmentations14
Márton Búr and Dániel VarróTowards hierarchical and distributed run-time monitors from high-level query languages16
Cristian Babau, Marius Marcu, Mircea Tihu, Daniel Telbis and Vladimir CretuReal Time Road Traffic Characterization Using Mobile Crowdsourcing17
Gábor FábiánPhysical simulation based technique for determining continuous maps between meshes19
Tamás Fekete and Gergely MezeiArchitectural challenges in creating a high-performant model-transformation engine20
Katalin Friedl and László KabódiStoring the quantum Fourier operator in the QuIDD data structure22
Péter Gál and Csaba BátoriBringing a Non-object Oriented Language Closer to the Object Oriented World: A Case Study for A+.NET23
Ábel Garai and István PéntekCommon Open Telemedicine Hub and Interface Standard Recommendation24
László Gazdi, Dorottya Bodolai, Bertalan Forstner and Luca SzegletesSupervising Adaptive Educational Games26
Péter GyimesiAn Automatic Way to Calculate Software Process Metrics of GitHub Projects With the Aid of Graph Databases27
Lajos Győrffy, András London and Géza MakayThe structure of pairing strategies for k-in-a-row type games29
László Hajdu, Miklós Krész and László TóthMaximization Problems for the Independent Cascade Model30
Ferenc HorváthEliminating code coverage differences from large-scale programs31
Laura Horváth, Krisztián Dániel Pomázi, Luca Szegletes and Bertalan ForstnerMultiple Intelligence Learning32
István KádárThe Optimization of a Symbolic Execution Engine for Detecting Runtime Errors34
György Kalmár and László G. NyúlImage processing based automatic pupillometry on infrared videos36
Melinda Katona and László G. NyúlQuantitative Assessment of Retinal Layer Distortions and Subretinal Fluid in SD-OCT Images37
Krisztián Koós, Begüm Peksel and Lóránd KelemenHeight Measurement of Cells Using DIC Microscopy38
Levente Lipták, László Kundra and Kristóf CsorbaRobust multiple hypothesis based enumeration in complex traffic scenarios39
Gábor Márton and Zoltán PorkolábUnit Testing and Friends in C++40
Abigél Mester and Balázs BánhelyiRevision of local search methods in the GLOBAL optimization algorithm41
Csaba Molnár and József MolnárMulti-layer phase field model for selective object extraction42
Balázs NagySkyline extraction by artificial neural networks for orientation in mountainous environment43
Teréz Nemes, Ákos Dávid and Zoltán SüleProposing a decision-support system to maximize the robustness of computer network topologies44
Dávid Papp and Gábor SzűcsActive Learning using Distribution Analysis for Image Classification45
Zsolt Parragi and Zoltán PorkolábTypegrind: Type Preserving Heap Profiler for C++47
Patrik János Braun and Péter EklerImproving QoS in web-based distributed streaming services with applied network coding48
Aleksandar PejicDetecting Similarities in Process Data generated with Computer-based Assessment Systems50
Tamás Pflanzner and Attila KertészTaxonomy and Survey of IoT Cloud Use Cases52
Rebaz Ahmed Hama Karim, István Vassányi and István KósaLong-acting insulin management for blood glucose prediction model53
Attila Selmeci and Tamás OroszTrends and paradigm change in ERP datacenter management55
Oszkár Semeráth and Dániel VarróValidation of Well-formedness constraints on Uncertain Model57
Ferenc Attila SomogyiOn the Efficiency of Text-based Comparison and Merging of Software Models58
Gábor SzőkeFinding Matching Source Code Elements in an AST Using Position Information59
Judit Tamás and Zsolt TóthClassification based Symbolic Indoor Positioning over the Miskolc IIS Dataset60
Máté TömösköziRegression Model Building and Efficiency Prediction of Header Compression Implementations for VoIP62
Zsolt Vassy, István Vassányi and István KósaStable angina clinical pathway correlation clustering63
Dániel Zombori and Balázs BánhelyiParallel implementation of a modular, population based global optimizer package65
List of Authors66

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