(CS)2 -  The 12th Conference of PhD Students in Computer Science

Online, web-based event, June 24 - 26, 2020


The online volume of short papers can be downloaded here: proceedings, its Table of Contens:

Plenary talks1
Tibor GyimóthySoftware Maintenance and Evolution of Large Systems1
Gábor TardosFingerprinting Digital Documents2
Ali Al-Haboobi, Gábor KecskemétiReducing Execution Time of An Existing Lambda based Scientific Workflow System3
Ádám Fodor, László Kopácsi, Zoltán Á. Milacski, András LőrinczSpeech de-identification withdeep neural networks7
Ahmad T. Anaqreh, Boglárka G.-Tóth, Tamás VinkóSymbolic Regression for Approximating Graph Geodetic Number: A preliminary study11
András MárkusTask allocation possibilities in simulated Fog environments15
Artúr PoórStatic Analysis Framework for Scala19
Attila SzatmáriAn Evaluation on Bug Taxonomy and Fault Localization Algorithms in JavaScript Programs23
Balázs Szűcs, Áron BallagiAn Industrial Application of Autoencoders for Force-Displacement Measurement Monitoring28
Bence Bogdándy, Zsolt TóthOverview of Artificial Neural Network Abduction and Inversion Methods32
Biswajeeban Mishra, Biswaranjan MishraEvaluating and Analyzing MQTT Brokers with Stress-testing36
Csaba BálintIterative Operations on Footpoint Mappings40
Dániel Balázs Rátai, Zoltán Horváth, Zoltán Porkoláb, Melinda TóthTraquest model -- a novel model for ACID concurrent computations44
Dániel Pásztor, Péter Ekler, János LevendovszkyEnergy-efficient routing in Wireless Sensor Networks49
Dávid PappSpectral Clustering based Active Zero-shot Learning54
Dilshad Hassan Sallo, Gábor KecskemétiParallel Simulation for The Event System of DISSECT-CF58
Ebenezer Komla Gavua, Gábor KecskemétiImproving MapReduce Speculative Executions with Global Snapshots62
Gábor Karai, Péter KardosDistance-based Skeletonization on the BCC Grid66
Gábor Székely, Gergő Ládi, Tamás Holczer, Levente ButtyánTowards Reverse Engineering Protocol State Machines70
Gabriella Tóth, Máté TejfelComponent-based error detection of P4 programs74
György Papp, Miklós Hoffmann, Ildikó PappEmbedding QR code onto triangulated meshes79
Hamza BaniataFog-enhanced Blockchain Simulation83
Hayder K. Fatlawi, Attila KissActivity Recognition Model for Patients Data Stream using Adaptive Random Forest and Deep Learning Techniques88
István Fábián, Gábor György GulyásOn the Privacy Risks of Large-Scale Processing of Face Imprints91
Jenifer Tabita Ciuciu-Kiss, István Bozó, Melinda TóthTowards Version Controlling in RefactorErl95
José Vicente Egas-López, Gábor GosztolyaUsing the Fisher Vector Approach for Cold Identification99
László Viktor Jánoky, János Levendevoszky, Péter Ekler A Novel JWT Revocation Algorithm103
Márton Juhász, Dorottya Papp, Levente ButtyánTowards Secure Remote Firmware Updateon Embedded IoT Devices107
Mátyás Kiglics, Csaba BálintQuadric tracing: A geometric method for accelerated sphere tracing of implicit surfaces111
Mohammed B. M. Kamel, Péter Ligeti, Christoph ReichPrivate/Public Resource Discovery for IoT: A Two-Layer Decentralized Model115
Mohammed Mohammed Amin, István Megyeri Improving keyword spotting with limited training data using non-sequential data augmentation119
Orsolya Kardos, Tamás VinkóSocial network characteristics from the viewpoint of centrality measures123
Péter Hudoba, Attila KovácsToolset for supporting the number system research128
Róbert Bán, Gábor ValasekGeometric Distance Fields of Plane Curves132
Roland Nagy, Levente ButtyánTowards Rootkit Detection on Embedded IoT Devices135
Sándor Balázs Domonkos, Tamás NémethUse data mining methods in quality measurement in the education systems139
Tamás Aladics, Judit Jász, Rudolf FerencFeature Extraction from JavaScript143
Tekla Tóth, Levente HajderMinimal solution for ellipse estimation from sphere projection using three contour points147
Viktor Homolya, Tamás VinkóSide road to axioms for two-dimensional centralities: Network reconstruction from hub and authority values151
Yuping Yan, Péter LigetiA Combination of Attribute-Based Credentials with Attribute-Based Encryption for a Privacy-Friendly Authentication154
Zoltán Richárd Jánki, Vilmos BilickiCrosslayer Cache for Telemedicine158
Zoltán Szabó, Vilmos BilickiEHR Data Protection with Filtering of Sensitive Information in Native Cloud Systems163
List of Authors167

Széchenyi 2020Supported by the project "Integrated program for training new generation of scientists in the fields of computer science", № EFOP-3.6.3-VEKOP-16-2017-00002. The project has been supported by the European Union and co-funded by the European Social Fund.

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