(CS)2 -  The 11th Conference of PhD Students in Computer Science

Szeged, Hungary, June 25 - 27, 2018


Conference location

The conference will be located in the building of Bolyai Institute (Bolyai Intézet). It is to be found at Aradi Vértanuk tere 1. The sessions will be held in the Szőkefalvi-Nagy room (room number 211), the plenary talks will be held in the Bolyai room, both are at the second floor.


The accommodation will be in the Blanka Teleki Student Hostel, Semmelweis utca 5. or in the István Apáthy Student Hostel, Apáthy utca 4.


A visa to Hungary is not necessary for citizens of most countries, however please check with your travel office.


The lunch will be served at the Gödör Restaurant, Tisza Lajos körút 103. just below the Eötvös Student Hostel.

Travel to Szeged

By train

Trains depart at x:53 every hour between 5:53 and 19:53 from Budapest "Nyugati pályaudvar", on the backward direction the departure time is usually :45 every hour between 5:47 and 19:45 from Szeged "Nagyállomás". Travel time is about two and a half hours. Seat reservations are required.
You are recommended to check the schedules for this destination.

By bus

Direct bus lines are available from/to many cities. You might check the bus schedules.

By car

You can reach Szeged on the M5 motorway (fee required) or route 5 from Budapest (from north-nortwest), on M43 motorway (fee required) or route 43 (from east), and routes 47 (from north-east) and 55 (from west).

Travel in Szeged

Trams, trolleys and buses

Szeged has four tram lines (1, 2, 3, 4), six trolley lines (5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 19), and many bus lines. As the conference locations are close to each other in the downtown, you might use these only when arriving, leaving or exploring the city.
Conference locations can be reached from the two train stations Nagyállomás and Rókus pályaudvar by tram #1 and #2. From the bus station you can also use tram #1 or #2 from the Rókusi Templom, or travel by a trolley or bus to the Széchenyi tér (where trams #1 and #2 are also available). Tickets can be purchased in kiosks, from ticket machines (320 HUF), or can be bought from the drivers (400 HUF). For each journey (regardless how long) one ticket has to be validated. Or you can buy One-day travelcard ("napijegy" 1040 HUF), Three-day travelcard ("három napra szóló jegy" 2600 HUF), or One-week travelcard ("hetijegy" 3850 HUF).


Many taxi services are available in the city. Before the train and bus stations you can surely find taxies, and there are taxi stations in the downtown too. Or you can order taxi by phone.
Gabriel Taxi+36 62 / 555-555
Hatos Taxi Szeged+36 62 / 666-666
Rádió Taxi 3+36 62 / 333-333
+36 62 / 480-480
Tele 4+36 62 / 444-444
Tempo Taxi+36 62 / 490-490


Szeged has three rings and many avenues. You can reach the inner ring (Tisza Lajos körút) from any avenue, but be cautious entering the downtown inside the inner ring: there are many traffic restrictions (one-way streets, dead-ends, etc.). There are many parking places in the downtown near the Aradi Vértanuk tere. Szeged has a prepaid ticket parking system: inside the middle ring (Nagykörút) and on some other places you must have a prepaid munched ticket under your windscreen or must pre-pay the parking fee through SMS on weekdays (mostly between 8:00 and 18:00 but check the signs), and for some places on weekends too. With a single parking ticket (480 HUF) the parking time is restricted (1, 2 or 4 hours in the green, yellow and blue parking zones, respectively), a daily ticket costs 1550 HUF.
Széchenyi 2020Supported by the project "Integrated program for training new generation of scientists in the fields of computer science", no EFOP-3.6.3-VEKOP-16-2017-0002. The project has been supported by the European Union and co-funded by the European Social Fund.

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