(CS)2 -  The 12th Conference of PhD Students in Computer Science

Online, web-based event, June 24 - 26, 2020


Day 1: June 24

Attila KertészOpening
Live event on Webex (https://meetingsemea21.webex.com/meetingsemea21/j.php?MTID=mb64aa5912ba9b1a4ae35fa506c5c58fd)
Session 1: Graphs
session chair: Gábor Gosztolya
09:20Orsolya Kardos and Tamás VinkóSocial network characteristics from the viewpoint of centrality measures
09:40Ahmad T. Anaqreh, Boglárka G.-Tóth, and Tamás VinkóSymbolic Regression for Approximating Graph Geodetic Number: A preliminary study
10:00Sándor Balázs Domonkos and Németh TamásUse data mining methods in quality measurement in the education systems
10:20Viktor Homolya and Tamás VinkóSide road to axioms for two-dimensional centralities: Weighted signed network reconstruction from hub and authority values
Session 2: Machine Learning
session chair: Márk Jelasity
11:00Bence Bogdándy and Zsolt TóthOverview of Artificial Neural Network Abduction and Inversion Methods
11:20Dávid PappSpectral Clustering based Active Zero-shot Learning
11:40Mohammed Mohammed Amin and István MegyeriImproving keyword spotting with limited training data using non-sequential data augmentation
12:00Lunch Break
Session 3: Security
session chair: Ákos Kiss
13:00Roland Nagy and Levente ButtyánTowards Rootkit Detection on Embedded IoT Devices
13:20Márton Juhász, Dorottya Papp, and Levente ButtyánTowards Secure Remote Firmware Update on Embedded IoT Devices
13:40Mohammed B. M. Kamel, Péter Ligeti, and Christoph ReichPrivate/Public Resource Discovery for IoT: A Two-Layer Decentralized Model
14:00László Viktor Jánoky, János Levendevoszky, and Péter EklerA Novel JWT Revocation Algorithm
Session 4: Program Analysis
session chair: István Siket
14:30Tamás Aladics, Judit Jász, and Rudolf FerencFeature Extraction from JavaScript
14:50Artúr PoórStatic Analysis Framework for Scala
15:10Jenifer Tabita Ciuciu-Kiss, István Bozó, and Melinda TóthTowards Version Controlling in RefactorErl
Session 5: Health Care
session chair: Richárd Farkas
15:40José Vicente Egas-López and Gábor GosztolyaUsing the Fisher Vector Approach for Cold Identification
16:00Hayder K. Fatlawi and Attila KissActivity Recognition Model for Patients Data Stream using Adaptive Random Forest and Deep Learning Techniques
16:20Zoltán Richárd Jánki and Vilmos BilickiCrosslayer Cache for Telemedicine

Day 2: June 25

Session 6: Simulation
session chair: Zoltán Gingl
09:20Hamza BaniataFog-enhanced Blockchain Simulation
09:40Dilshad Hassan Sallo and Gábor KecskemétiParallel Simulation for The Event System of DISSECT-CF
10:00Péter Hudoba and Attila KovácsToolset for supporting the number system research
10:20András MárkusTask allocation possibilities in simulated Fog environments
11:00Plenary Talk
Tibor GyimóthySoftware Maintenance and Evolution of Large Systems
Video presentation (https://youtu.be/9OSZMb75Ufg)
12:00Lunch Break
Session 7: Privacy
session chair: András London
13:00Ádám Fodor, László Kopácsi, Zoltán Á. Milacski, and András LőrinczSpeech de-identification with deep neural networks
13:20Zoltán Szabó and Vilmos BilickiEHR Data Protection with Filtering of Sensitive Information in Native Cloud Systems
13:40István Fábián and Gábor György GulyásOn the Privacy Risks of Large-Scale Processing of Face Imprints
14:00Yuping Yan and Péter LigetiA Combination of Attribute-Based Credentials with Attribute-Based Encryption for a Privacy-friendly Authentication
Session 8: Computer Graphics I.
session chair: Péter Balázs
14:30Gábor Karai and Péter KardosDistance-based Skeletonization on the BCC Grid
14:50Papp György, Hoffmann Miklós, and Papp IldikóEmbedding QR code onto triangulated meshes
15:10Csaba BálintIterative Operations on Footpoint Mappings
Session 9: Bugs
session chair: Árpád Beszédes
15:40Balázs Szűcs and Áron BallagiAn Industrial Application of Autoencoders for Force-Displacement Measurement Monitoring
16:00Gabriella Tóth and Máté TejfelComponent-based error detection of P4 programs
16:20Attila SzatmáriAn Evaluation of Bug Taxonomy and Fault Localization Algorithms in JavaScript Programs

Day 3: June 26

Session 10: Computer Graphics II.
session chair: Gábor Németh
09:40Tekla Tóth and Levente HajderMinimal solution for ellipse estimation from sphere projection using three contour points
10:00Róbert Bán and Gábor ValasekGeometric Distance Fields of Plane Curves
10:20Mátyás Kiglics and Csaba BálintQuadric tracing: A geometric method for accelerated sphere tracing of implicit surfaces
11:00Plenary Talk
Gábor TardosFingerprinting Digital Documents
Live event on Webex (https://meetingsemea21.webex.com/meetingsemea21/j.php?MTID=m7fc19219a516fe591a5cddb4c4ce68ba)
Presentation slides
12:00Lunch Break
Session 11: Distributed
session chair: Tamás Vinkó
13:00Ali Al-Haboobi and Gábor KecskemétiReducing Execution Time of An Existing Lambda based Scientific Workflow System
13:20Ebenezer Komla Gavua and Gábor KecskemétiImproving MapReduce Speculative Executions with Globlal Snapshots
13:40Biswajeeban Mishra and Biswaranjan MishraEvaluating and Analyzing MQTT Brokers with Stress-testing
14:00Gábor Székely, Gergő Ládi, Tamás Holczer, and Levente ButtyánTowards reverse engineering protocol state machines
14:20Dániel Pásztor, Péter Ekler, and János LevendovszkyEnergy-efficient routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
14:40Dániel Balázs Rátai, Zoltán Horváth, Zoltán Porkoláb, and Melinda TóthTraquest model - a novel model for ACID concurrent computations

Széchenyi 2020Supported by the project "Integrated program for training new generation of scientists in the fields of computer science", № EFOP-3.6.3-VEKOP-16-2017-00002. The project has been supported by the European Union and co-funded by the European Social Fund.

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