(CS)2 -  The 10th Jubilee Conference of PhD Students in Computer Science

Szeged, Hungary, June 27 - 29, 2016


Day 1: June 27

by Dezső Horváth (vice dean of Faculty of Science and Informatics)
Session 1: Testing
session chair: Ákos Kiss
08:50Ferenc HorváthEliminating code coverage differences from large-scale programs
09:10István KádárThe Optimization of a Symbolic Execution Engine for Detecting Runtime Errors
09:30Gábor Márton and Zoltán PorkolábUnit Testing and Friends in C++
Session 2: Mining
session chair: Gábor Berend
10:00Cristian Babau, Marius Marcu, Mircea Tihu, Daniel Telbis and Vladimir CretuReal Time Road Traffic Characterization Using Mobile Crowdsourcing
10:20János Baumgartner, Zoltán Süle and János AbonyiCox regression based process optimization
Session 3: Machine Learning
session chair: Richárd Farkas
11:00Laura Horváth, Krisztián Dániel Pomázi, Luca Szegletes and Bertalan ForstnerMultiple Intelligence Learning
11:20Judit Tamás and Zsolt TóthClassification based Symbolic Indoor Positioning over the Miskolc IIS Dataset
11:40Dénes BánThe Connection of Antipatterns and Maintainability in Firefox
12:00Aleksandar PejicDetecting Similarities in Process Data generated with Computer-based Assessment Systems
12:20László Gazdi, Dorottya Bodolai, Bertalan Forstner and Luca SzegletesSupervising Adaptive Educational Games
In the Gödör restaurant.
14:00Plenary Talk
Dániel MarxThe Optimality Program in Parameterized Algorithms
Session 4: Medical Solutions
session chair: Miklós Krész
15:00Ábel Garai and István PéntekCommon Open Telemedicine Hub and Interface Standard Recommendation
15:20Zsolt Vassy, István Vassányi and István KósaStable angina clinical pathway correlation clustering
15:40Melinda Katona and László G. NyúlQuantitative Assessment of Retinal Layer Distortions and Subretinal Fluid in SD-OCT Images
16:00Rebaz Ahmed Hama Karim, István Vassányi and István KósaLong-acting insulin management for blood glucose prediction model
Session 5: Program Analysis
session chair: Csaba Nagy
16:40Zsolt Parragi and Zoltán PorkolábTypegrind: Type Preserving Heap Profiler for C++
17:00Péter GyimesiAn Automatic Way to Calculate Software Process Metrics of GitHub Projects With the Aid of Graph Databases
17:20Bence Babati, Norbert Pataki and Zoltán PorkolábAnalysis of Include Dependencies in C++ Source Code
17:40Biswajeeban MishraImproving OpenStack Services with Source Code Optimizations
18:00Free program
-21:00At the Rector's Building, ground floor right hall.

Day 2: June 28

Session 6: Programming Languages
session chair: Árpád Beszédes
08:30Tibor Brunner, Norbert Pataki and Zoltán PorkolábFinding semantical differences between C++ standard versions
08:50Áron Baráth and Zoltán PorkolábChecking binary compatibility for modern programming language
09:10Péter Gál and Csaba BátoriBringing a Non-object Oriented Language Closer to the Object Oriented World: A Case Study for A+.NET
Session 7: Image Processing I.
session chair: László Nyúl
09:40Balázs NagySkyline extraction by artificial neural networks for orientation in mountainous environment
10:00Dávid Papp and Gábor SzűcsActive Learning using Distribution Analysis for Image Classification
10:20Ádám Budai and Kristóf CsorbaRJMCMC Optimization of marble thin section image segmentations
11:00Plenary Talk
László PyberHow to avoid the Classification Theorem of Finite Simple Groups in Asymptotic Group Theory
Session 8: Model Matching
session chair: András Csallner
12:00Gábor SzőkeFinding Matching Source Code Elements in an AST Using Position Information
12:20Ferenc Attila SomogyiOn the Efficiency of Text-based Comparison and Merging of Software Models
In the Gödör restaurant.
Session 9: Image Processing II.
session chair: Péter Balázs
14:00György Kalmár and László G. NyúlImage processing based automatic pupillometry on infrared videos
14:20Krisztián Koós, Begüm Peksel and Lóránd KelemenHeight Measurement of Cells Using DIC Microscopy
14:40Levente Lipták, László Kundra and Kristóf CsorbaRobust multiple hypothesis based enumeration in complex traffic scenarios
15:00Csaba Molnár and József MolnárMulti-layer phase field model for selective object extraction
Session 10: Algorithm
session chair: Csanád Imreh
15:40Katalin Friedl and László KabódiStoring the quantum Fourier operator in the QuIDD data structure
16:00Bence Bogdándy and Zsolt TóthComparison of WiFi RSSI Filtering Methods
16:20Lajos Győrffy, András London and Géza MakayThe structure of pairing strategies for k-in-a-row type games
16:40Gábor FábiánPhysical simulation based technique for determining continuous maps between meshes
17:00Walk to the social program location
17:15Social Program
Visit the Informatic Collection at Szent-Györgyi Albert Agóra.
19:00Gala Dinner
-22:00At the Rector's Building, 2nd floor ceremonial hall.

Day 3: June 29

Session 11: Cloud/IoT
session chair: Gábor Gosztolya
08:30Tamás Pflanzner and Attila KertészTaxonomy and Survey of IoT Cloud Use Cases
08:50Márton Búr and Dániel VarróTowards hierarchical and distributed run-time monitors from high-level query languages
09:10Attila Selmeci and Tamás OroszTrends and paradigm change in ERP datacenter management
Session 12: Networking
session chair: Zoltán L. Németh
09:40Teréz Nemes, Ákos Dávid and Zoltán SüleProposing a decision-support system to maximize the robustness of computer network topologies
10:00Máté TömösköziRegression Model Building and Efficiency Prediction of Header Compression Implementations for VoIP
10:20Patrik János Braun and Péter EklerImproving QoS in web-based distributed streaming services with applied network coding
11:00Plenary Talk
Dániel VarróModels and Queries for Smart and Safe Cyber-physical Systems
Session 13: Models
session chair: Szabolcs Iván
12:00Tamás Fekete and Gergely MezeiArchitectural challenges in creating a high-performant model-transformation engine
12:20Oszkár Semeráth and Dániel VarróValidation of Well-formedness constraints on Uncertain Model
In the Gödör restaurant.
Session 14: Optimization
session chair: Tibor Csendes
14:00Abigél Mester and Balázs BánhelyiRevision of local search methods in the GLOBAL optimization algorithm
14:20Dániel Zombori and Balázs BánhelyiParallel implementation of a modular, population based global optimizer package
14:40Zsolt Bagóczki and Balázs BánhelyiA parallelized interval arithmetics based reliable computing method on GPU
15:00László Hajdu, Miklós Krész and László TóthMaximization Problems for the Independent Cascade Model
by Tibor Csendes (head of Institute of Informatics, University of Szeged)

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